Tuesday 15 December 2015

Godfrey Phillips Ltd. / B.D.V. Cigarettes - P50-173A/B / ZS3-33 League Colours (Silks) (02)

P50-173A/B / ZS3-33  League Colours (Silks)
Godfrey Phillips Ltd. / B.D.V. Cigarettes
21 silks

This is not quite a complete illustrated checklist, four silks are missing. If anyone can supply scans to help complete this task I would be glad to hear from them. The Cartophilic Society of GB has always maintained that these Anonymous silks were issued in 1914, stating that the teams represent the First Division at that time - 20 clubs plus a Goalkeeper, which is not quite right. The 20 teams listed here comprised the First Division of 1912-13. I suppose they may still have been issued in 1914, but it's possible they were issued in 1913.
Woolwich Arsenal appears in this version, later issues are labelled as Arsenal. Tottenham Hotspur has an 's' added to the end of their name - Tottenham Hotspurs.
The silks are not numbered, they are numbered here for reference purposes only and relate to the numbers allocated in the original list that can be found here - Godfrey Phillips Ltd. - P50-173A/B / ZS3-33 League Colours (Silks).

P50-173Ba Football Club Colours - Small (68mm x 49mm) - Black letterpress - Silks

1.  Aston Villa
6.  Blackburn Rovers
8.  Bolton Wanderers
9.  Bradford City
20.  Chelsea
24.  Derby County
26.  Everton
30.  Goalkeeper
44.  Liverpool
46.  Manchester City
47.  Manchester United
49.  Middlesbrough
51.  Newcastle United
54.  Nottingham Forest
55.  Notts County
57.  Oldham Athletic
66.  Sheffield United
67.  Sheffield Wednesday
75.  Sunderland
79a.  Tottenham Hotspurs
83.  West Bromwich Albion
88.  Woolwich Arsenal

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