Saturday, 23 January 2016

Topps - 2016 Topps Major League Soccer (03) - Jerseys

2016 Topps Major League Soccer
200 base cards

Major League Soccer made a special delivery to the Topps offices recently.
It dropped off boxes of game-worn soccer jerseys worn by elite players in MLS. The jerseys, which contain unique patches, will be cut up and placed into relic cards throughout 2016 MLS products such as Topps MLS Soccer and Topps Apex Soccer. Jerseys were included from players such as Clint Dempsey, Kaka, Jozy Altidore, Steven Gerard, Frank Lampard and other stars.
Soccer jerseys are unique in part because of their bright colors. They stand out on the pitch, but also make for creative relic cards. The patches on the jersey include the MLS crest as well as team-specific items such as the NYCFC’s inaugural notation or LA Galaxy’s mark on the bottom of the jersey.
The Topps soccer team will use as many parts of the jersey as possible to make unique relic cards such as the patches, the inside collar, the MLS shield, ADIDAS logo and more.

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