Sunday, 17 January 2016

Richard Baldwin - Arsenal F.C. ~ F.A. Cup Winners 1950

Arsenal F.C. ~ F.A. Cup Winners 1950
Richard Baldwin
24 cards

The first 11 cards are numbered but the remainder are not.

1.  George Swindon
2.  Laurie Scott
3.  Wally Barnes
4.  Alex Forbes
5.  Leslie Compton
6.  Joe Mercer
7.  Freddie Cox
8.  Jimmy Logie
9.  Peter Goring
10.  Reg Lewis
11.  Denis Compton
Ian McPherson
Don Roper
Ray Daniel
Doug Lishman
Ted Platt
Arthur Shaw
Lionel Smith
Joe Wade
Alf Fields
Cliff Holton
Ronnie Rooke
Arthur Milton
Tommy Lawton

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