Wednesday 20 January 2016

Godfrey Phillips Ltd. - Sportsmen ~ Spot The Winner (02)

Sportsmen ~ Spot The Winner
Godfrey Phillips Ltd.
50 (12 footballers)

I was sent a message by James Cotton today which reminded me that I have this illustrated checklist to add to my blog. This also gives me the opportunity to include the full checklist for this set as I only included the known footballers the first time around. 
The checklist includes P. Worrall who wears a football shirt but I have always assumed he was a rugby player as I've never been able to find any footballer with that name. But now I think it's an error, the player looks much like Fred Worrall the Portsmouth winger. I've added a scan of the P. Worrall card from this collection, along with a couple of Fred Worrall cards, one from Wills' 'Association Footballers' and one from the Godfrey Phillips 'Soccer Stars' set. Perhaps this is common knowledge and I'm the last one to know...

Sportsmen - Spot The Winner - Regular
Sportsmen - Spot The Winner - Inverted back

1.  G. Richards (Horse Racing)
2.  Alex James (Arsenal)
3.  H. W. Austin (Lawn Tennis)
4.  G. O. Allen (Cricket)
5.  Len Harvey (Boxing)
6.  J. E. Lovelock (Athletics)
7.  Vic Huxley (Speedway)
8.  R. Perryman (Horse Racing)
9.  S. Crooks (Derby County)
10.  W. Hammond (Cricket)
11.  Steve Donoghue (Horse Racing)
12.  Fred Perry (Lawn Tennis)
13.  J. Sirett (Horse Racing)
14.  A. Young (Huddersfield Town)
15.  W. Voce (Cricket)
16.  C. R. A. Tuckey (Cricket)
17.  Lionel Van Praag (Speedway)
18.  G. Nicoll (Horse Racing)
19.  Tom Griffiths (Aston Villa)
20.  R. Dick (Horse Racing)
21.  E.J. Rimmer (Sheffield Wednesday)
22.  R. W. V. Robins (Cricket)
23.  R. E. S. Wyatt (Cricket)
24.  F. Fox (Horse Racing)
25.  D. McCulloch (Brentford)
26.  P. Worrall (Portsmouth)  sic - F. Worrall
27.  L. Ames (Cricket)
28.  Harry Wragg (Horse Racing)
29.  C. Bastin (Arsenal)
30.  J. Sims (Cricket)
31.  Billy Lamont (Speedway)
32.  Ben Foord (Boxing)
33.  Cliff Richards (Horse Racing)
34.  Mark Hooper (Sheffield Wednesday)
35.  L. D. Fishlock (Cricket)
36.  J. Dines (Horse Racing)
37.  G. P. Hughes (Lawn Tennis)
38.  W.R. Dean (Everton)
39.  J. Hardstaff (Cricket)
40.  Sydney Wooderson (Athletics)
41.  Jack Petersen (Boxing)
42.  C. Smirke (Horse Racing)
43.  S. Worthington (Cricket)
44.  E. Brook (Manchester City)
45.  M. Leyland (Cricket)
46.  F. Steele (Stoke City)
47.  Tommy Farr (Boxing)
48.  T. Weston (Horse Racing)
49.  Jack Parker (Speedway)
50.  H. Verity (Cricket)

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