Sunday, 17 January 2016

Futera / Football Card Forum - Mercurial Heroes / Mercurial Legends

Mercurial Heroes
Mercurial Legends
Futera / Football Card Forum
2 x 3 cards

Yet again, due to their excellent relationship with Futera, Football Card Forum are able to offer two sets of three cards as prizes in the Football Card Forum Mini League online game. Each card has a very limited production run.
Called 'Mercurial' the cards will be given away free! Just play in the Football Card Forum Mini League.
Sign up and get lucky!

Mercurial - Heroes

Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium)
Pepe Reina (Spain)
Mario Balotelli (Italy)

Mercurial - Legends

Juan Sebastian Veron (Argentina)
Diego Forlan (Uruguay)
Claude Makele (France)

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  1. Awesome guys! They are truly unbeatable.I can see their better moves when they are in the competition. I can't imagine myself if I only practice hard, eat right and work out, just to learn few steps like from these expert gamer.


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