Wednesday 20 January 2016

Crystal Palace Supporters Club - Crystal Palace F.C. Footballers (1947-48) (02)

Crystal Palace F.C. Footballers
Crystal Palace Supporters Club
Unknown number

Pete from Pete's Picture Palace has provided an updated list of the known postcards issued in 1947-48 by the Crystal Palace Supporters Club.
The first row gives the players name, surname first, followed by the likely date that the postcard was issued and a description of the kit worn in the photo. The second row identifies whether the photo is a postcard or not, followed by the dates when the player was at Crystal Palace along with any relevant notes. Some also include a note from Pete if he requires the postcard for his own collection.
Illustrations: Alf Somerfield (left) and Bill Bassett (right).

Anderson, R.  (1947/48 - White)
        Plain back;  1947/48;  No first team appearances
Bassett, Bill  (1947/48 - White)
        Plain back;  1942-1948/49
Clough, Jimmy  (1947/48 - White)
        Plain back;  1947/48-1948/49
Dawes, Fred  (1947/48 - White)
        Unknown;  1935/36 - 1949/50;  NEEDED IN MY COLLECTION
George, Ron  (1947/48 - White)
        Unknown;  1946/47 - 1953/54;  NEEDED IN MY COLLECTION
Graham, Dick  (1947/48 - Roll neck)
        Plain back;  1945/46-1950/51;  Goalkeeper
Harding, Ted  (1947/48 - White)
        Plain back;  1942-1952/53
Howells, Ray  (1947/48 - White)
        Plain back;  1947/48-1950/51
Kurz, Fred  (1947/48 - White)
        Plain back;  1945/46-1950/51
Lewis, Jack  (1947/48 - White)
        Unknown;  1938/39 - 1949/50;  NEEDED IN MY COLLECTION
Lucas, Robert  (1947/48 - Roll neck)
        Plain back;  1946/47-1947/48;  Goalkeeper
Mycock, Albert  (1947/48 - White)
        Unknown;  1946/47 - 1947/48;  NEEDED IN MY COLLECTION
Reece, Tommy  (1947/48 - White)
        Plain back;  1938/39-1947/48
Robson, Albert  (1947/48 - White)
        Plain back;  1936/37-1947/48
Somerfield, Alf  (1947/48 - White)
        Plain back;  1947/48

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