Wednesday 20 January 2016

Nottingham Forest F.C. - (ZB9-75-3) Forest Cards ~ Series 3 ~ Nottingham Forest 1984/85


(ZB9-75-3) Forest Cards ~ Series 3 ~ Nottingham Forest 1984/85
Nottingham Forest F.C.
20 cards

The third and final set of 20 cards, again I must apologize for the poor quality of the photographs as the come from photocopies of the original cards. Lee West has informed me that he has been told that these cards were given to Season Ticket holders and were published by the club in conjunction with Apollo Soft Drinks, part of Home Brewery, which was located in Daybrook near Nottingham.

1.  Team Photo

2.  Steve Sutton
3.  Bryn Gunn
4.  Kenny Swain
5.  Jim McInally
6.  Chris Fairclough
7.  Paul Hart
8.  Mark Smalley
9.  Gary Mills
10.  Gary Megson
11.  Ian Bowyer
12.  Colin Walsh
13.  Stephen Murray
14.  Steve Hodge
15.  Johnny Metgod
16.  Steve Wigley
17.  Peter Davenport
18.  David Riley
19.  Trevor Christie
20.  Franz Carr

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