Monday 18 January 2016

Nottingham Forest F.C. - (ZB9-75-1) Forest Cards ~ Series 1 ~ Famous Players

(ZB9-75-1) Forest Cards ~ Series 1 ~ Famous Players
Nottingham Forest F.C.
20 cards

Whilst searching through some old files over the weekend I came across information on the three sets of Forest Cards issued in the 1980's. Please forgive the poor photos, I managed to get these in the days before scanners and jpeg files. They were just photocopies. This is the first set of 20 cards, checklists for the other two sets will follow over the next couple of days.
UPDATE (19-01-2016):  Lee West has informed me that he has been told that these cards were given to Season Ticket holders and were published by the club in conjunction with Apollo Soft Drinks, part of Home Brewery, which was located in Daybrook near Nottingham.

1.  Alexander David Ingram
2.  Frank Clark
3.  Frank Wignall
4.  Thomas Jackson
5.  Peter Grummitt
6.  Ian Storey-Moore
7.  Peter Hindley
8.  Henry Newton
9.  Terry Hennesey
10.  Joe Baker
11.  John Barnwell
12.  Liam O'Kane
13.  Colin Barrett
14.  Barry Lyons
15.  Dave Hilley
16.  Bob McKinlay
17.  Alan Hinton
18.  Sammy Chapman   -   amended   -   thanks to Lee West
19.  Ronnie Rees
20.  Archie Gemmell


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