Thursday, 29 January 2015

D.C. Thomson / The Wizard - All Star Sports Ring


All Star Sports Ring
D.C. Thomson / The Wizard
20 (15 Footballers)

The Hornet gave away a ring and a sheet of stickers in 1972, and the idea was resurrected the following year with this All-Star Sports Ring being given away with the issue dated 10 March, 1973. I don't have a scan of the sheet but two of the players cut from a complete sheet are shown above.

Kevin Keegan

Rodney Marsh
Ted MacDougall
Joe Royle
Mick Channon
Peter Storey
Malcolm MacDonald
Steve Kember
Allan Clarke
Colin Todd
Kenny Dalglish
Pat Stanton
Trevor Hockey
Mike England
Pat Jennings
Roger Moore
Donny Osmond
Ed Stewart
Joe Bugner
Gareth Edwards

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