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Clevedon Confectionery - CLE-220-1/2/3//CLZ-15A/B/C Hints on Association Football By Leslie McDowall (Man. City F.C. Manager)

CLE-220-1/2/3 / CLZ-15A/B/C Hints on Association Football By Leslie McDowall (Man. City F.C. Manager)
Clevedon Confectionery
50 cards

These card utilze the images on the cards issued by John Player & Sons and British American Tobacco back in the 1920s - John Player & Sons / Britsh American Tobacco (Chinese) - Hints on Association Football, only they've been usupred by Leslie McDowall, the Manchester City manager at the time they were resurrected. I presumed . wrongly as it turns out, that the checklist would be the same have checked some cards. But there is a slight diffference with some of the numbers. The checklist includes all of the cards issued in the 1920's versions with the number they were allocated in brackets at the end of each line. I don't have all the numbers for the Cleveland Confectionery cards, but as you can see, a new card appears at no. 1 (possibly a title card) and somewhere one card has been taken out, as the numbers are out of sequence for a while and then come back in sequence!
I'll update this listing if the missing information is forthcoming. Please get in touch if you can help.

CLE-220-1/CLZ-15A Hints on Association Football - Coloured - Blue back
CLE-220-1/CLZ-15A Hints on Association Football - Coloured - Violet back
CLE-220-2/CLZ-15B Hints on Association Football - Blue line drawings
CLE-220-3/CLZ-15C Hints on Association Football - Black line drawings

1.  ?
2.  How to kick  (1)
3.  The Volley  (2)
4.  Kicking To Swerve The Ball  (3)
5.  The Corner Kick  (4)
6.  Free Kick On Goal  (5)
7.  The Penalty Kick  (6)
8.  Goal Kick  (7)
9.  When Not To Shoot  (8)
10.  Heading  (9)
11.  The Kick Off  (10)
12.  The Long Throw In  (11)
13.  Throw In On Attack  (12)
14.  Defensive Throw In  (13)
15.  Trapping The Ball  (14)
16.  Bringing The Ball Down  (15)
17.  Taking The Pace Off The Ball  (16)
18.  Letting The Ball Run  (17)
19.  Keeping The Ball On The Ground  (18)
20.  Dribbling With Inside Of Foot  (19)
21.  Dribbling With Outside Of Foot  (20)
22.  Running Over The Ball  (21)
23.  Passing With Outside Of Foot  (22)
24.  Passing With Inside Of Foot  (23)
25.  Passing With The Head  (24)
Passing Into Open Space  (25)
The Centre  (26)
Crossfield Pass  (27)
Passing Down The Middle  (28)
Triangular Wing Movement  (29)
When Wing Men Should Close In  (30)
"W" Formation  (31)
Outside Forward Cutting In  (32)
Wing Forward Moving Inside The Ball  (33)
34.  Shooting On The Run  (34)
35.  The Tackle  (35)
36.  The Shoulder Charge  (36)
37.  Marking Inside Forwards (Wing Halves marking Inside Forwards  - 37)
38.  Backs' System of covering  (38)
39.  Backs marking Wing Forwards  (39)   -   updated
Back passing to Half Back  (40)
Centre Half as third Back  (41)
Passing Back to Goalkeeper  (42)
43.  Checking a Break-Through (Advancing to check breakthrough  - 43)
44.  Goalkeeper going down to ball  (44)
45.  Goalkeeper - when not to catch the ball  (45)
46.  Fisting the ball over the bar  (46)
47.  Goalkeeper Fielding a Shot  (47)
48.  Defence at the Corner Kick  (48)
49.  Receiving a Penalty  (49)
50.  Goalkeeper Narrowing a Goal  (50)

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