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Poly Verlag - Grosse Stars des Runden Leders (World Cup 1970)

Grosse Stars des Runden Leders (World Cup 1970)
Poly Verlag
West Germany / Switzerland
49 stickers

Gregory Graetz has sent in a checklist for this collection, along with a some pictures...

I own the entire set and original album of the 1970 set and could provide you the checklist (the album is actually a hard-cover book).  It includes most if not all the big names in the game at that time and presents quite nicely.  The book has 62 pages of text and most pages have space for one card to be pasted in (some pages have none, but there are never 2 on a page together).  The pages are sturdy like a typical book, not thin like a magazine.  I have scanned the cover of the book, and an example of a front and a back of a card from this set, Lew Jascin (Lev Yashin).

1.  Paul van Himst
2.  Belgiiens Nationalelf (Belgian Team)
3.  Pele
4.  Brasiliens Weltklassemannschaft (Brazil Team)
5.  Eduardo Goncalves Andrade, alias Tostao
6.  Georgi Asparuchov (Bulgaria)
7.  Franz Beckenbauer und Gerd Muller
8.  Franz Beckenbauer
9.  Helmut Haller und Nobby Stiles
10.  Weltmeisterschafts-Final 1966 England-Deutschland.  Jubel im deutschen Lager. Tor! - Sigfried Held, Helmut Haller, Heinz Hornig and Bobby Moore   -   amended   -   thanks to Gregory Graetz
11.  Gerd Muller
12.  Wolfgang Overath
13.  Helmut Schon und seine deutschen Kicker
14.  Uwe Seeler
15.  Gunther Netzer
16.  Karl-Heinz Schnellinger
17.  Sepp Maier
18.  August Starek
19.  Bobby Charlton and Denis Law (Manchester United)
20.  Denis Law (Manchester United v Everton)
21.  George Best
22.  George Best
23.  Nobby Stiles
24.  Dennis Law
25.  Gordon Banks
26.  Gordon Banks, Uwe Seeler, Jackie Charlton, Nobby Stiles
27.  Bobby Moore
28.  Englands Nationalmannschaft (England Team)
29.  Johan Cruyff (Ajax)
30.  Ove Kindvall (Sweden)
31.  Skandinaviens Fussball-Grossmact Schweden (Sweden Team)
32.  Luigi Riva (Italy)
33.  Gianni Rivera (European Footballer of the Year)
34.  Giacinto Facchetti
35.  Piero Prati (AC Milan)
36.  Italiens Stolz:  seine Nationalmannschaft (Italy Team)
37.  Drangan Dzajic, Roter Stern
38.  Thomas Parits
39.  Die Nachfolger des einstigen osterreichischen Wunderteams (Austria Team)
40.  Eusebio da Silva Ferreira
41.  Karl Odermatt
42.  Fritz Kunzil
43.  Kobi Kuhn
44.  Lew Jaschin
45.  Die besten Fussballer der Sowjetunion (Russia Team)
46.  Francisco Gento Lopez
47.  Auf dem Weg nach Mexico stecken geblieben: Spanien (Spain Team)
48.  Florian Albert
49.  Zum ersten Mal nicht an der Weltmeisterschaft: Ungarn (Hungary Team)

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