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F.K.S. - Picture Gallery of World Cup Stars (1966)

Picture Gallery of World Cup Stars
256 pictures

No stickers this time, this album has the images printed on the pages, so nothing to collect, but it was the first F.S.K. publication in the U.K. The album has connections to Fher in Spain where these images can be found as actual stickers. Some have initials to go along with the surnames printed underneath each picture but for the sake of uniformity I've left these off this list.

Santoro (Argentina)
Irusta (Argentina)
Malbernat (Argentina)
Perfumo (Argentina)
Ferreiro (Argentina)
Calics (Argentina)
Rattin (Argentina)
Albretch (Argentina)
Vieytes (Argentina)
Onega (Argentina)
Pianetti (Argentina)
Mas (Argentina)
Lallana (Argentina)
González (Argentina)
Roldán (Argentina)
Artime (Argentina)
Gilmar (Brazil)
Manga (Brazil)
Rildo (Brazil)
Santos (Brazil)
C. Alberto (Brazil)
Orlando (Brazil)
Gerson (Brazil)
Zito (Brazil)
Lima (Brazil)
Dudú (Brazil)
Jair (Brazil)
Flavio (Brazil)
Pelé (Brazil)
Garrincha (Brazil)
Dias (Brazil)
Servilho (Brazil)
Naidenov (Bulgaria)
Dejanov (Bulgaria)
Voutzov (Bulgaria)
Largov (Bulgaria)
Scialamanov (Bulgaria)
Penev (Bulgaria)
Gagalenov (Bulgaria)
Dimitrov (Bulgaria)
Jetchev (Bulgaria)
Zhekov (Bulgaria)
Diev (Bulgaria)
Abadjiev (Bulgaria)
Yakimov (Bulgaria)
Asparouhov (Bulgaria)
Kostov (Bulgaria)
Kolev (Bulgaria)
Ri Chang Myung (North Korea)
Ri Keun Hak (North Korea)
Back Ri Sub (North Korea)
Sin Yung Kyoo (North Korea)
O Yoon Kyung (North Korea)
Kang Bong Chil (North Korea)
Im Sung Hwi (North Korea)
Bak Doo Ik (North Korea)
Bak Seung Jin (North Korea)
Yang Sung Kook (North Korea)
Ri Dong Woom (North Korea)
Kim Yung Kil (North Korea)
Kim Seung Il (North Korea)
Ke Seung Woon (North Korea)
Han Bong Jin (North Korea)
Kang Ryong Woon (North Korea)
Godoy (Chile)
Astorga (Chile)
Valentini (Chile)
Donoso (Chile)
Figueroa (Chile)
Villanueva (Chile)
Contreras (Chile)
Hodge (Chile)
Eyzaguirre (Chile)
Cruz (Chile)
Araya (Chile)
Prieto (Chile)
Sánchez (Chile)
Landa (Chile)
Fouilloux (Chile)
Campos (Chile)
Aubouk (France)
Chorda (France)
Budzinski (France)
Bosquier (France)
Artelesa (France)
Herbin (France)
Bonnel (France)
Loncle (France)
Maryan (France)
Muller (France)
Lech (France)
Gondet (France)
Combin (France)
Rodichiero (France)
Hauser (France)
Baraffe (France)
Szentmihalyi (Hungary)
Gelei (Hungary)
Matrai (Hungary)
Meszoly (Hungary)
Rakosi (Hungary)
Juhaz (Hungary)
Noovak (Hungary)
Mathesz (Hungary)
Nagy (Hungary)
Solymosi (Hungary)
Molnar (Hungary)
Bene (Hungary)
Farkas (Hungary)
Varga (Hungary)
Albert (Hungary)
Fenyvezi (Hungary)
Banks (England)
Springett (England)
Newton (England)
Wilson (England)
J. Charlton (England)
Cohen (England)
Stiles (England)
Moore (England)
Hunter (England)
Connelly (England)
B. Charlton (England)
Thompson (England)
Ball (England)
Greaves (England)
Baker (England)
Hunt (England)
Albertosi (Italy)
Negri (Italy)
Fachetti (Italy)
Burgnich (Italy)
Salvatore (Italy)
Rosato (Italy)
Guarneri (Italy)
Fogli (Italy)
Trapattoni (Italy)
Lodetti (Italy)
Pascutti (Italy)
Bulgarelli (Italy)
Rivera (Italy)
Corso (Italy)
Domenchini (Italy)
Mazzola (Italy)
Calderón (Mexico)
Vargas (Mexico)
Chaires (Mexico)
Peña (Mexico)
Sepúlveda (Mexico)
Jaúregui (Mexico)
Díaz (Mexico)
Hernández (Mexico)
Regueiro (Mexico)
Padilla (Mexico)
Fragoso (Mexico)
Valdivia (Mexico)
Muñoz (Mexico)
Fragoso (Mexico)
Guerrero (Mexico)
Reyes (Mexico)
Pereira (Portugal)
Carvalho (Portugal)
Germano (Portugal)
Festa (Portugal)
Cruz (Portugal)
Hilario (Portugal)
Cavem (Portugal)
Raul (Portugal)
Coluna (Portugal)
Da Silva (Portugal)
Mendes (Portugal)
Augusto (Portugal)
Nobrega (Portugal)
Torres (Portugal)
Eusebio (Portugal)
Simoes (Portugal)
Yashin (Russia)
Bannikov (Russia)
Ponomarev (Russia)
Shesternev (Russia)
Danilov (Russia)
Getmanov (Russia)
Voronin (Russia)
Sabo (Russia)
Biba (Russia)
Ivanov (Russia)
Baneshevsky (Russia)
Meskhy (Russia)
Chislenko (Russia)
Malafeev (Russia)
Metrevely (Russia)
Husainov (Russia)
Iríbar (Spain)
Betancourt (Spain)
Rivilla (Spain)
Echeverría (Spain)
Sanchis (Spain)
Benítez (Spain)
Zoco (Spain)
Glaría (Spain)
Violeta (Spain)
Lapetra (Spain)
Marcelino (Spain)
Amancio (Spain)
Suárez (Spain)
Pereda (Spain)
Gento (Spain)
Ufarte (Spain)
Prosperi (Switzerland)
Elsener (Switzerland)
Grobetty (Switzerland)
Stierli (Switzerland)
Schneiter (Switzerland)
Furrer (Switzerland)
Durr (Switzerland)
Bani (Switzerland)
Kuhn (Switzerland)
Wuthrich (Switzerland)
Tachella (Switzerland)
Alleman (Switzerland)
Hosp (Switzerland)
Odermatt (Switzerland)
Schindelholz (Switzerland)
Daina (Switzerland)
Taibo (Uruguay)
Sosa (Uruguay)
Méndez (Uruguay)
Álvarez (Uruguay)
Troche (Uruguay)
Manicera (Uruguay)
Techera (Uruguay)
Concalvez (Uruguay)
Douskas (Uruguay)
Gil (Uruguay)
Salva (Uruguay)
Silva (Uruguay)
Rocha (Uruguay)
Pérez (Uruguay)
Espárrago (Uruguay)
Virgiu (Uruguay)
Tilkowski (West Germany)
Bernard (West Germany)
Schnellinger (West Germany)
Patzke (West Germany)
Hottges (West Germany)
Sieloff (West Germany)
Szymaniak (West Germany)
Lorenz (West Germany)
Beckenbauer (West Germany)
Kramer (West Germany)
Seeler (West Germany)
Hornig (West Germany)
Haller (West Germany)
Heiss (West Germany)
Overath (West Germany)
Brunnenmeier (West Germany)

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