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D.C. Thomson / The Hornet - THO-435/THO-209 International Cup Teams

THO-435/THO-209 International Cup Teams
D.C. Thomson / The Hornet
16 cards

The first four were issued as individual cards with the rest being issued as three sheets of four cards, but are more often found cut down to single team photos. The comic also provided a small plastic wallet to keep the cards in.

THO-435/THO-209 International Cup Teams  -  issue no. 23, dated 15 February, 1964

Burnley F.C.
Meredith, Angus, Miller, Blacklaw, Cummings, Robson, Elder, Pilkington, Pointer, Adamson, Mcllroy, Connelly
Dundee F.C.
Hamilton, Seith, Ian Ure, Slater, Wishart, Cox, Kean, Smith, Penman, Cousin, Alan Gilzean, Robertson, Shankly (Manager)
Ipswich Town F.C.
Stephenson, Carberry, Baxter, Bailey, Compton, Elsworthy, Moran, Curtis, Nelson, Phillips, Leadbetter
Manchester United F.C.
Law , Setters, Cantwell, Foulkes, Charlton, Brennan, Dunne, Herd, Dalton, Quixall, Gaskell, Gregg, Stiles, Giles, Jack Crompton, Matt Busby

THO-435/THO-209 International Cup Teams - Sheet 1  -  issue no. 24, dated 22 February, 1964

Tottenham Hotspur F.C.
Baker, Allen, Norman, Brown, Henry, Smith, Mackay, Medwin, Greaves, Blanchflower, White, Jones
Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.
Stuart, Clamp, Finlayson, Murray, Flowers, Sidebottom, Showell, Harris, S. Cullis (Manager), Mannion, Broadbent, Slater, Mason, Deeley, J. Gardener (Trainer), Horre, Stobart
Heart of Midlothian F.C.
Bowman, Kirk, Brown, Higgins, Bauld, McLeod, Thomson, Smith, Marshall, Fraser, McFadzean, Murray, Harvey (Trainer), Crawford, Young, Milne, Tommy Walker (Manager), Cummimg, Blackwood, Hamilton
Leicester City F.C.
Banks, Cross, King, Sjoberg, Norman, Keyworth, Appleton, Riley, Gibson, McLintock, Stringfellow

THO-435/THO-209 International Cup Teams - Sheet 2  -  issue no. 25, dated 29 February, 1964

Celtic F.C.
McNamee, Veitch, Carroll, Haffey, Fallon, Rooney, Byme, Clark, Brown, Brogon, Parks, O'Neill, Gallacher, Murdoch, Cushley, Jackson, Price, Fallon (Coach) Chalmers, Hughes, Mackay, McNeill, Kennedy, Divers, Crerand, Gribbon (Asst. Trainer)
Chelsea F.C.
Anderton, Whittaker, Matthews, Mortimore, Liversay, Compton, Greaves, Brabrook, Sillett (Captain), Nicholas, Blunstone
Everton F.C.
Shaw, Rankine, Harcombe, Harris, Heslop, Hill, McKenzie, Morrisey, Veall, Rees, Phillips, Wright, Harvey, Gabriel, West, Vernon, Labone, Parnell, Sharples, Meagan, Thomson, Lewin (Coach), Parker, Scott, Stevens, Young, Catterick (Manager), Temple, Kay, Eggleston (Trainer), Watson (Asst. Trainer)
Nottingham Forest F.C.
Burkett, Rowland, Baird, Grummitt , J Mallett (Trainer), Armstrong, Bartor, Julians, Iley, Gray, Addison, Booth, McKinley (Captain), Palmer, Quigley, Le Flem, Vowden, Whitefoot

THO-435/THO-209 International Cup Teams - Sheet 3  -   issue no. 26, dated 7 March, 1964

Birmingham City F.C.
Neal, Withers, Shofield, Murphy, Watts, Allen, K. Fist (Trainer), Weston, Stubbs, Farmer, Smith, Gordon, Rudd, Hooper, G. Merrick (Manager), Astall, Sissons, Beard, Wrright, Hume
Linfield F.C.
McCune (Trainer), Reid, Service, Gilliland, Graham, Hatton, McLeary, Low, Scott, Parke (Capt.), Dickson, Ferguson
Rangers F.C.
Anderson, Millar, Currie, Hume, McKinnon, Martin, Niven, Ritchie, Grant, Murray, Penman, Matthew, Henderson, Brand, Stevenson, More, Baird, McLean, Paterson, King, Davis, Hynd, Telfer, Provan, Baxter, Joe Craven (Asst Trainer), Scott, Cassidy, McMillan, Queen, Shearer, Young, Caldow, Bowie, McColl, Brown, Little, Watson, Wilson, Davie, Kinnear (Trainer)
Sheffield Wednesday F.C.
Megson, Kay, Hardy, Springett, Swan, Johnson, Finney, Craig, Fantham, Griffin, Dobson

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