Thursday 29 January 2015

Minnesota Kicks - Minnesota Kicks Players (1976)


Minnesota Kicks Players
Minnesota Kicks
21 cards

Plain backed photos. The five players shown are Peter Brine (ex-Middlesbrough), Mike Kelly (an England Amateur international whilst at Wimbledon - in their pre-League days, who also played for Queens Park Rangers and Birmingham City), Peter Short, Jeff Solem and Ron Webster (ex-Derby County).

1.  Geoff Barnett

1.  Mike Kelly
2.  Ron Webster
3.  Frank Spraggon
4.  Peter Brine
5.  Steve Litt
6.  Alan Merrick
7.  Mike Flater
8.  Tom Howe
9.  Alan Willey
10.  Alan West
11.  Ace Ntsoelengoe
14.  Doug Brooks
12.  Peter Short
15.  Jeff Solem
16.  Nick Owcharuck
17.  Sam Bick
18.  Ron Futcher
19.  Chaka Ngcobo
21.  Ade Coker
23.  Smith Eggleston

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