Tuesday 27 January 2015

Ferrero - FER-140 Footballers

FER-140 Footballers
30 discs

UPDATE (09-01-2021 11:12):  Issue date amended to circa 1960 from 1966. See comment below.

I. Allchurch
A. Allen
S. Baird
I. Broadis
E. Caldow
Mel Charles
Jack Charlton
Bobby Charlton
Bobby Collins
A. Cousin
D.V. Cowie
W. Cunningham
W. Cush
E. Evans
Ron Flowers
Harry Hooper
C. Hurley
R. Johnstone
Derek Kevan
G. McGeachie
J. McIlroy
D. McKay
E. Macedo
F. Martin
M. Murray
Mel Nurse
B. Peacock
G. Smith
T. Thompson
R. Wishart


  1. The date of this set is earlier than this.
    c1960 as some of the player images are the same as Chix Scottish Footballers

    1. Good point. I've always thought 1966 was a little late for these but it used to be the accepted dates 30/40 years ago. I've always thought 1962 was closer to the actual release date. I've checked Garry Daynes' most recent catalogue and he has them as c.1960 too so I'll change the date here.

      Thank you for your input.



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