Thursday 26 February 2015

St. Petersburg Cigarettes Co. Ltd. - Footballers (2)

St. Petersburg Cigarettes Co. Ltd.
17 known

Michael Prior has sent in information on four cards that have been discovered recently, along with a couple more images of previously known cards.
UPDATE (26-11-2020 00:37):  H. Stringfellow (Portsmouth) added to the illustrations above.
UPDATE (24-01-2021 16:37):  Tim Thornham has provided an image of the D. Cunliffe card.
UPDATE (11-03-2021 17:47):  A scan of the Fraser card added.

New discoveries:

Chadwick (Southampton)  -  shown here
Holt (Reading)  -  shown here
Robinson (Southampton)  -  shown here
Spencer (Aston Villa)  -  shown here

Previously listed:

Athersmith (Aston Villa)
S. Bloomer (Derby County)  -  shown previously
D. Calderhead (Notts County)
D. Cunliffe (Portsmouth)  -  shown here
Frank Forman (Notts Forest)  -  shown here
Fred Forman (Notts Forest)
Fraser (N. United) - Newcastle United  -  photo added 11-03-2023
A. Goodall (Derby County)  -  shown here
Lewis (Notts County)  -  shown previously
G. Morris (Notts Forest)
Settle (Everton)
H. Stringfellow (Portsmouth)  -  shown here
T. Wilkie (Portsmouth)  -  shown here


  1. Great stuff Alan! I had no idea that the Holt of Reading card even existed, so thanks for posting.

  2. This is a historic question. Where was the Company situated in Portsmouth? Which street etc will give some assistance, even if it was only someone's backroom hobby.

    1. I have no idea, I hope someone else is able to help.

    2. My wife managed to dig up some information:


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