Friday, 27 February 2015

Chocolate Amatller - Album de Foot-Ball (1915) (2)


Album de Foot-Ball
Chocolate Amatller
Editorial Tiket
26 cards

I know I've shown an example of this card previously, but I have a little more information to add. In 1910 Cardiff Corinthians played a couple of games in Spain. At the time Cardiff City, now more well-known than the Corinthians team, were also an amateur club, and were making plans to turn professional. But Cardiff Corinthians were the first to play games on the continent, they returned to Spain in 1921 and lost all three games against FC Barcelona.
This collection is dated 1915 but might have been produced even earlier.
The original checklist can be found here: Chocolate Amatller - Album de Foot-Ball (1915)

6 June, 1910     FC Barcleona v Cardiff Corinthians   4:1
8 June, 1910     CD Español v Cardiff Corinthians   4:2

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