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Pacific Trading Cards - MISL (1987-88)

Pacific Trading Cards
110 cards

This is the debut collection of Major Indoor Soccer League cards by Pacific Trading Cards.

1.  Tatu (Dallas Sidekicks) (MVP)
2.  Krys Sobieski (Dallas Sidekicks)
3.  Victor Moreland (Dallas Sidekicks)
4.  Willie Molano (Dallas Sidekicks)
5.  Kevin Smith (Dallas Sidekicks)
6.  Wes McLeod (Dallas Sidekicks)
7.  Eddie Radwanski (Dallas Sidekicks)
8.  Mark Karpun (Dallas Sidekicks)
9.  Tatu (Dallas Sidekicks)
10.  Mike Powers (Dallas Sidekicks)
11.  Doc Lawson (Dallas Sidekicks)
12.  Steve Zungul (Tacoma Stars)
13.  Gregg Blasingame (Tacoma Stars)
14.  Preki (Tacoma Stars)
15.  Bernie James (Tacoma Stars)
16.  Joey Waters (Tacoma Stars)
17.  Ricky Davis (Tacoma Stars)
18.  Ralph Black (Tacoma Stars)
19.  Bill Crook (Tacoma Stars)
20.  Peter Ward (Tacoma Stars)
21.  Gary Heale (Tacoma Stars)
22.  Godfrey Ingram (Tacoma Stars)
23.  Ali Kazemaini (Cleveland Force)
24.  Mike Stankovic (Wichita Wings)
25.  Mike Fox (Wichita Wings)
26.  Kevin Kewley (Wichita Wings)
27.  Mark Kerlin (Wichita Wings)
28.  Erik Rasmussen (Wichita Wings)
29.  Barry Wallace (Wichita Wings)
30.  Al Smith (Wichita Wings)
31.  Terry Rowe (Wichita Wings)
32.  Garry Stanley (Wichita Wings)
33.  Marcio Leite (Wichita Wings)
34.  Carl Valentine (Cleveland Force)
35.  Kai Haaskivi (Cleveland Force)
36.  Dennis Mepham (Cleveland Force)
37.  Craig Allen (Cleveland Force)
38.  Pasquale DeLuca (Cleveland Force)
39.  John Stollmeyer (Cleveland Force)
40.  Desmond Armstrong (Cleveland Force)
41.  Benny Dargle (Cleveland Force)
42.  Gino DiFlorio (Cleveland Force)
43.  Victor Nogueria (Cleveland Force)
44.  John Bain (St. Louis Steamers)
45.  Nebo Bandovic (St. Louis Steamers)
46.  Jeff Cacciatore (St. Louis Steamers)
47.  Daryl Doran (St. Louis Steamers)
48.  Poli Garcia (St. Louis Steamers)
49.  Slobo Ilijevski (St. Louis Steamers)
50.  Chris Kenny (St. Louis Steamers)
51.  Redmond Lane (St. Louis Steamers)
52.  Tim Schulz (St. Louis Steamers)
53.  Branko Segota (San Diego Sockers)
54.  Brian Quinn (San Diego Sockers)
55.  Kevin Crow (San Diego Sockers)
56.  Fernando Clavijo (San Diego Sockers)
57.  Hugo Perez (San Diego Sockers)
58.  Zoltan Toth (San Diego Sockers)
59.  Juli Veee (San Diego Sockers)
60.  Jean Willrich (San Diego Sockers)
61.  Waad Hirmez (San Diego Sockers)
62.  Brian Schmetzer (San Diego Sockers)
63.  George Kataklidis (San Diego Sockers)
64.  Alan Mayer (Kansas City Comets)
65.  Jan Goosens (Kansas City Comets)
66.  Kim Roentved (Kansas City Comets)
67.  Gino Schiraldi (Kansas City Comets)
68.  Dave Boneck (Kansas City Comets)
69.  Damir Haramina (Kansas City Comets)
70.  Tasso Koutsoukos (Kansas City Comets)
71.  Charley Greene (Kansas City Comets)
72.  Dale Mitchell (Kansas City Comets)
73.  Jim Schwab (Kansas City Comets)
74.  Chris Vaccaro (Chicago Sting)
75.  Heinz Wirtz (Chicago Sting)
76.  Ben Collins (Chicago Sting)
77.  Frank Klopas (Chicago Sting)
78.  Paul Krumpe (Chicago Sting)
79.  Chico Moriera (Chicago Sting)
80.  Batata (Chicago Sting)
81.  Ted Krafft (Chicago Sting)
82.  Mark Simanton (Chicago Sting)
83.  Alan Willey (Minnesota Strikers)
84.  Tino Lettieri (Minnesota Strikers)
85.  Gary Etherington (Minnesota Strikers)
86.  Ray Hudson (Minnesota Strikers)
87.  Gregg Thompson (Minnesota Strikers)
88.  Steve Kinsey (Minnesota Strikers)
89.  Dwight Lodeweges (Minnesota Strikers)
90.  John O'Hara (Minnesota Strikers)
91.  Hector Marinaro (Minnesota Strikers)
92.  Ken Fogarty (Minnesota Strikers)
93.  Chico Borja (Los Angeles Lazers)
94.  David Brcic (Los Angeles Lazers)
95.  Thompson Usiyan (Los Angeles Lazers)
96.  Mark Frederickson (Los Angeles Lazers)
97.  Chris Whyte (Los Angeles Lazers)
98.  Michael Collins (Los Angeles Lazers)
99.  Gus Mokalis (Los Angeles Lazers)
100.  Lee Cornwell (Los Angeles Lazers)
101.  Bruce Savage (Baltimore Blast)
102.  Keith van Eron (Baltimore Blast)
103.  Tim Wittman (Baltimore Blast)
104.  Richard Chinapoo (Baltimore Blast)
105.  Andy Chapman (Baltimore Blast)
106.  Drago (Baltimore Blast)
107.  Mike Reynolds (Baltimore Blast)
108.  Stan Stanemkov (Baltimore Blast)
109.  Dave MacKenzie (Baltimore Blast)
110.  Michael Brady (Baltimore Blast)

MISL - errors / varieties

2.  Krys Sobiesk (Dallas Sidekicks)  error
2.  Krys Sobieski (Dallas Sidekicks)  correct
4.  Willie Molino (Dallas Sidekicks)  error
4.  Willie Molano (Dallas Sidekicks)  correct
17.  Rickey Davis (Tacoma Stars)  error
17.  Ricky Davis (Tacoma Stars)  correct

74.  Chris Vaccaro (Chicago Sting)  name in white
74.  Chris Vaccaro (Chicago Sting)  name in black
75.  Heinz Wirtz (Chicago Sting)  name in white
75.  Heinz Wirtz (Chicago Sting)  name in black
76.  Ben Collins (Chicago Sting)  name in white
76.  Ben Collins (Chicago Sting)  name in black
77.  Frank Klopas (Chicago Sting)  name in white
77.  Frank Klopas (Chicago Sting)  name in black
78.  Paul Krumpe (Chicago Sting)  name in white
78.  Paul Krumpe (Chicago Sting)  name in black
79.  Chico Moriera (Chicago Sting)  name in white
79.  Chico Moriera (Chicago Sting)  name in black
80.  Batata (Chicago Sting)  name in white
80.  Batata (Chicago Sting)  name in black
81.  Ted Krafft (Chicago Sting)  name in white
81.  Ted Krafft (Chicago Sting)  name in black
82.  Mark Simanton (Chicago Sting)  name in white
82.  Mark Simanton (Chicago Sting)  name in black

84.  Tino Lettieri (Minnesota Strikers)  name on red panel
84.  Tino Lettieri (Minnesota Strikers)  name on green panel
85.  Gary Ethernigton (Minnesota Strikers)  error
85.  Gary Etherington (Minnesota Strikers)  correct
92.  Ken Foearty (Minnesota Strikers)  error
92.  Ken Fogarty (Minnesota Strikers)  correct

MISL - extra cards

St Louis Steamers (44-52)


  1. #22 Godfrey Ingram has an error and corrected version (Godfry/Godfrey), as does #43 Victor Nogueira (Nogueria/Nogueira)

    1. Hi Drew,

      Thanks for the information, I'm sure I used to have the two Godfrey Ingram versions as he is an ex-Cardiff City player, but I can only find the Goodfry one in my collection but I've got scans of both the Nogueira cards.

      Any chance of a scan of the "Godfrey" version of the Ingram card?

      Thanks for your help,



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