Monday 23 February 2015

F.K.S. - FAA-28 Soccer Stars 78/79 ~ Golden Collection (2)


FAA-28 Soccer Stars 78/79 ~ Golden Collection
448 stickers

I had an e-mail from Mark Hughesdon that included a scan of Derby County's Steve Buckley from this collection, showing him in his Luton Town days. That prompted me to check other stickers in the collection and here are the anomalies that I found, along with Mark's and one previously included in the checklist. I don't claim that this list is definitive, there may be a few more in the set that show players while at a previous club. If you know of any others please get in touch.

42.  Tony Towers (Birmingham City)   -   Stoke City kit
100.  Steve Buckley (Derby County)   -   Luton Town kit
105.  Gordon Hill (Derby County)   -   Manchester United kit
167.  Graeme Souness (Liverpool)   -   Middlesbrough kit
173.  Mike Channon (Manchester City)   -   Southampton kit
190.  Joe Jordan (Manchester United)   -   Leeds United kit
193.  Gordon McQueen (Manchester United)   -   Leeds United kit
230.  Archie Gemmill (Nottingham Forest)   -   Derby County kit
233.  David Needham (Nottingham Forest)   -   Notts County kit
272.  Jimmy Holmes (Tottenham Hotspur)   -   Coventry City kit   -   added 22-05-2021  -  thanks to brody
275.  Ian Moores (Tottenham Hotspur)   -   Stoke City kit
316.  Drew Jarvie (Aberdeen)   -   Airdrieonians kit


  1. Jimmy Holmes for Tottenham is in a Coventry city kit

  2. 272 Jimmy Holmes Tottenham is wearing a Coventry City kit.
    278 Steve Perryman Tottenham is a photo of John Duncan.

    1. Thank you brody, I'll create a new post to show the Steve Perryman/John Duncan sticker.


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