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Daily Mail - F.A. Cup Team Picture Gallery (1946-47)


F.A. Cup Team Picture Gallery
Daily Mail
11 per team

It is unclear which newspaper printed these. I've gone for the Daily Mail, but they could come from another, such as the Daily Graphic. The pictures were laid out to form a team formation, from goalkeeper to outside left. About the size of a postage stamp as they are often found cut down to individual players. Covers some of the teams in Division One and Division Two and there are probably more to be found. 

All the Brentford ones can be seen here - brentfordfcmemorabilia
UPDATE (19-03-2021 05:56):  Gerard Scully has provided scans of some of these line-ups that he discovered in an old scrapbook - Stoke City, Wolves, Sheffield W., and Notts Forest with some of them being numbered. A couple of them include a proper heading so I've amended the title for this series as well as adding a list for Notts Forest.
UPDATE (20-03-2021 09:41):  Three more teams added - Birmingham City, Cardiff City and Luton Town, thanks to Gerard Scully. 15 teams listed so far.

F.A. Cup Team Picture Gallery - No. 6 - Stoke City

Jepson (Stoke City)
Mould (Stoke City)
McCue (Stoke City)
F. Mountford (Stoke City)
Franklin (Stoke City)
Kirton (Stoke City)
Matthews (Stoke City)
Peppitt (Stoke City)
Steele (Stoke City)
Baker (Stoke City)
Ormston (Stoke City)

F.A. Cup Team Picture Gallery - No. 7 - Everton

Sagar (Everton)
Saunders (Everton)
Greenhalgh (Everton)
Bentham (Everton)
T.G. Jones (Everton)
Farrell (Everton)
McIlhatton (Everton)
Wainwright (Everton)
Dodds (Everton)
Fielding (Everton)
Eglington (Everton)

F.A. Cup Team Picture Gallery - No. 8 - Wolves

Williams (Wolves)
McLean (Wolves)
Crook (Wolves)
Wright (Wolves)
Cullis (Wolves)
Galley (Wolves)
King (Wolves)
Pye (Wolves)
Westcott (Wolves)
Forbes (Wolves)
Hancocks (Wolves)

F.A. Cup Teams - No. 17 - Birmingham City

Merrick (Birmingham City)
Duckhouse (Birmingham City)
Jennings (Birmingham City)
Harris (Birmingham City)
Turner (Birmingham City)
Dearson (Birmingham City)
Mulraney (Birmingham City)
Dougall (Birmingham City)
Trigg (Birmingham City)
Bodle (Birmingham City)
Edwards (Birmingham City)

Canning (Cardiff City)
Lever (Cardiff City)
Sherwood (Cardiff City)
Hollyman (Cardiff City)
Stansfield (Cardiff City)
Baker (Cardiff City)
Rees (Cardiff City)
Allen (Cardiff City)
Gibson (Cardiff City)
Richards (Cardiff City)
Clarke (Cardiff City)

Crozier (Brentford)
Gorman (Brentford)
Munro (Brentford)
G. Smith (Brentford)
A. Smith (Brentford)
Wilkins (Brentford)
MacAulay (Brentford)
Paterson (Brentford)
Hopkins (Brentford)
Stewart (Brentford)
Townsend (Brentford)

Bartram (Charlton Athletic)
Campbell (Charlton Athletic)
Shreeve (Charlton Athletic)
Johnson (Charlton Athletic)
Phipps (Charlton Athletic)
Revell (Charlton Athletic)
Hurst (Charlton Athletic)
Dawson (Charlton Athletic)
W. Robinson (Charlton Athletic)
G. Robinson (Charlton Athletic)
Duffy (Charlton Athletic)

Medhurst (Chelsea)
Winter (Chelsea)
Steffan (Chelsea)
Machin (Chelsea)
Harris (Chelsea)
MacAuley (Chelsea)
Spence (Chelsea)
Walker (Chelsea)
Lawton (Chelsea)
Goulden (Chelsea)
Paton (Chelsea)

Grant (Derby County)

Mozley (Derby County)
Howe (Derby County)
Ward (Derby County)
Leuty (Derby County)
Musson (Derby County)
Harrison (Derby County)
Carter (Derby County)
Morrison (Derby County)
Stamps (Derby County)
Broome (Derby County)

Bywater (Luton T.)
Cooke (Luton T.)
Lake (Luton T.)
Soo (Luton T.)
Gager (Luton T.)
Gardine (Luton T.)
Waugh (Luton T.)
Daniel (Luton T.)
Billington (Luton T.)
Driver (Luton T.)
Duncan (Luton T.)

Swinburne (Newcastle United)

Burke (Newcastle United)
Corbett (Newcastle United)
Harvey (Newcastle United)
Brennan (Newcastle United)
Wright (Newcastle United)
Stobbart (Newcastle United)
Bentley (Newcastle United)
Wayman (Newcastle United)
Shackleton (Newcastle United)
Pearson (Newcastle United)

Roberts (Notts Forest)
Brigham (Notts Forest)
McCall (Notts Forest)
Pritty (Notts Forest)
Blagg (Notts Forest)
Knight (Notts Forest)
Scott (Notts Forest)
Brown (Notts Forest)
Barks (Notts Forest)
Johnston (Notts Forest)
Lyman (Notts Forest)

Smith (Sheffield W.)

Westlake (Sheffield W.)
Swift (Sheffield 
Logan (Sheffield 
Gale (Sheffield 
Cockroft (Sheffield 
Thompson (Sheffield 
Daily (Sheffield 
Hunt (Sheffield 
Froggart (Sic) (Sheffield 
Tomlinson (Sheffield 

Smith (Sheffield United)

Cox (Sheffield United)
Furniss (Sheffield United)
Jackson (Sheffield United)
Latham (Sheffield United)
Forbes (Sheffield United)
Rickett (Sheffield United)
Brook (Sheffield United)
Nightingale (Sheffield United)
Hagan (Sheffield United)
Collindridge (Sheffield United)

Ephgrave (Southampton)
Day (Southampton)
Ellerington (Southampton)
Stroud (Southampton)
Bradley (Southampton)
Bevis (Southampton)
Smith (Southampton)
Lewis (Southampton)
Webber (Southampton)
Roper (Southampton)

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