Sunday, 22 February 2015

D.C. Thomson / The Rover - Battles for the Flag

Battles for the Flag
D.C. Thomson / The Rover
26 cards (1 Football)

The set of 26 postcard-sized cards was issued by The Rover and Wizard in 1939 - 13 with each comic, commencing with the issues dated 18 March, 1939. A free wallet to hold the cards was also included with that issue.

The East Surrey Regiment - Football on the Battlefield at Contalmaison   -   issue no. 890, dated 6 May, 1939
The Lancashire Fusiliers - The Landing of the Lancashires at Gallipoli
The Argyll and Southerland Highlaners - The Thin Red Line at Balaclava
The 17th Lancers - The Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava
The Duke of Cormwall's Light Infantry - How the D.C.L.I won their Red Feathers at Brandywine
The Gordon Highlanders - Won Piper Findlater won the V.C At Dargai
The Ox. and Bucks Light Infantry - The Battle in the Churchyard at Vimiero
The South Wales Borderser - The Defence of Rorke's Drift
The Grenadier Guards - The Ordeal of Fire at Biddulph'sberg
The Manchester Regiment - The Capture of the German Guns at St. Quentin
The Royal Scots - The Square At Quatre Bras
The Gloucestershire Regiment - Back-to-Back at Alexandria
The Connaught Rangers - The Capture of 'The Citadel' at Badajoz


  1. not worth much,i est around 4 to 7 pound sterling each 60 for full set most likely at auction......................PEACE!!!

  2. Highland Light Infantry..... If i remember correctly it was the first battle of Big Dog Duke of Wellington as army commander sometime in the very early 1800s,not sure on exact date,but would guess early winter 1802,pls dont quote me on that,but i WONT be far off the mark thats 4sure,very hard unit seeing as how they were out flanked and witted,but typical to are Scottish units ,even to this day lol,they pushed forward to victory,we wont mention the the 19th coming saving there ass right!!! hahahaha,so i would value this particular single card at 15 pound its historical value rests in the hands of the fact it was the Duke of Wellington,this is just my point of view and nothing else,very nice postcard drawings,these belong in the war museum,THANKS 4 SHARING.


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