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Ogden's Cigarettes - General Interest F Series

General Interest F Series
Ogden's Cigarettes
320 (45 football)

Many of the cards show action from, and players who featured in, the 1902 F.A. Cup Final between Sheffield United and Southampton. The original game on 19 April at Crystal Palace ended in a draw. The replay took place at the same venue the following weekend when Sheffield United came out on top 2-1.

1.  A good dribble
2.  Southampton's bad shot
3.  A corner kick
4.  Sheffield repulsed
5.  Foulkes saves
11.  Sheffield United, 1902
12.  Ibrox Park disaster
14.  Ibrox Park disaster
22.  Southampton Football Club, 1902
154.  W.J. Oakley (Corinthians)
155.  G.O. Smith (Corinthians)
245.  W.T. Bassett (West Bromwich Albion)
246.  B. Battles (Glasgow Celtic)
247.  A. Raisbeck (Derby County)  -  should be Liverpool, William Raisbeck played for Derby County  -  thanks to James Cotton
248.  G.O. Smith (Corinthians)
249.  R. Walker (Heart of Midlothian)
250.  R. McColl (Queens Park)
251.  A. Smith (Rangers)
253.  C├Žsar Jenkyns (Walsall)   -  wearing the Woolwich Arsenal 1895-96 kit
345.  A. Common (Sheffield United)
359.  W. Foulkes (Sheffield United)
360.  H. Wood (Southampton)
361.  Lee (Southampton)
362.  J. Robinson (Southampton)
363.  C.B. Fry (Southampton)
364.  S. Meston (Southampton)
365.  E. Chadwick (Southampton)
366.  T. Bowman (Southampton)
367.  G. Molyneux (Southampton)
368.  W. Henderson (Southampton)
369.  Brown (Southampton)
371.  J. Turner (Southampton)
372.  Hedley (Sheffield United)
373.  Rennett (Sheffield United)   -   uncorrected error - should read Bennett
374.  Johnson (Sheffield United)
375.  Boyle (Sheffield United)
376.  Meecham (Sheffield United)
377.  Lipsham (Sheffield United)
378.  Wilkinson (Sheffield United)
379.  Barnes (Sheffield United)
379.  A. Turner (Southampton)
380.  Priest (Sheffield United)
381.  Thickett (Sheffield United)


  1. The Raisbeck card is also an error, it shows Scottish international legend Alex Raisbeck of Liverpool but ascribes Derby County as his club. his brother Bill Raisbeck played 6 matches for Derby County in 1901-02.

    1. Hi James,

      Thanks for the information, I've just added a note to the checklist.



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