Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Tonibell - TON-050-1/2 / TNA-16-1/2 Famous Sports Trophies

TON-050-1/2 / TNA-16-1/2 Famous Sports Trophies
10 (2 football) / 9 (1 football)

The top half of the outlibe of the trophies is cut and there's a crease through the middle of the card which allows you to fold the top half of the card back allowing it to stand up.

TON-050-1 / TNA-16-1 - Famous Sports Trophies

1.  Athletics (C.N. Jackson Cup)
2.  Cricket (The Ashes)
3.  Darts (News of the World Cup)
4.  Football (European Cup)
5.  Football (F.A. Cup)
6.  Motor Cycling (Tourist Trophy)
7.  Motor Racing (Hawthorn Memorial Trophy)
8.  Rugby League (Rugby League Cup)
9.  Table Tennis (Gasper Geist Cup)
10.  Yachting (America's Cup)

TON-050-2 / TNA-16-2 - Famous Sports Trophies - Large

11.  Flying (King's Cup)
12.  Football (Football League Cup)
13.  Golf (Amateur Golf Trophy)
14.  Power Boating (Daily Telegraph BP Trophy)
15.  Rugby Union (Calcutta Cup)
16.  Show Jumping (Prince of Wales Cup)
17.  Ski-ing (Grand Slalom Challenge Cup)
18.  Tennis (Davis Cup)
19.  Tennis (Queen's Cup)

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