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Amalgamated Press / The Champion - Autographs (1937) booklet (4)

Autographs (1937) booklet
Amalgamated Press / The Champion
100 autographs (14 football)

Roger Pashby has recently acquired a copy of this album and kindly sent me scans of the pages, so this checklist is now complete.

page 3 - Hot-Stuff Boxers
Tommy Farr (Boxer)
Jack Doyle (Boxer)

pages 4/5 - Film Favourites
James Cagney
Gordon Harker
Ronald Colman
Bing Crosby
Fred Astaire

pages 6/7 - Aces of the Speedway
Lionel van Pragg (Wembley Lions)
Bill Kitchen (Belle Vue Aces)
Cordy Milne (New Cross Rangers)
George Newton (New Cross Rangers)

pages 8/9 - Football Goalgetters
Joe Payne (Luton Town)
D. Mangnall (Millwall)
J. Morrison (Tottenham Hotspur)
A. Kirchen (Arsenal)

pages 10/11 - Crack Cricketers
A. Mitchell (Yorkshire)
H. Gimblett (Somerset)
J. Clay (Glamorgan)
R.A. Sinfield (Gloucestershire)
A.R. Gover (Surrey)

pages 12/13 - Race Track Speed Demons
Billy Cotton
Sir Malcolm Campbell
Austin Dobson
A.W. Denley

pages 14/15 - Stars of the Radio
Claude Dampier
Harry Tate
Sandy Powell
Reginald Foort
Harry Roy

pages 16/17 - Racing Cyclists
F.W. Southall (The Super Record Smasher)
W. Opperman (The Australian Crack)
E.V. Mills
& W.G. Paul (Tandem Record Breakers)
Walter Greaves (Long Distance Champion)

pages 18/19 - Rugby Internationals
H.G. Owen Smith (England Captain)
J. Idwal Rees (Wales Captain)
George Morgan (Ireland Captain)
Prince Alex Obolensky (England)
George Nepia (New Zealand)

pages 20/21 - Boat Race Strokes 1937 & Super Billiards Players
R.J.L. Perfit (Cambridge)
A.B. Hodgson (Oxford)
Vicot Barna (Tanle Tennis Champion of the World)
Horace Lindrum (The Australian Expert)
Joe Davis (United Kingdom Champion)

pages 22/23 - World-Famous Airmen
Chas. Gardner 
& Tommy Rose (King's Cup Winners)
Dr. Eckner (The Atlantic Airship Commander)
Jim Mollison (Airmen)
& Flt. Lt. David Llewellyn (Aerial Globe-Trotters)

pages 24/25 - Popular Boxers
Eddie Phillips
Max Baer
British Sculling Champion
Eric Phelps

pages 26/27 - New Zealand's Test Match Tourists
pre-printed autographs of the New Zealand Tourists:
D.A.R. Moloney (page 26)
W.M. Wallace (page 26)
J.L. Kerr (page 26)
M.L. Page (page 26)
J. Cowie (page 26)
H.G. Vivian (page 26)
M.P. Donnelly (page 26)
W.N. Carson (page 27)
J.A. Dunning (page 27)
W.A. Hadlee (page 27)
J.R. Lamason (page 27)
A.W. Roberts (page 27)
E.W. Tindill (page 27)
G.L. Weir (page 27)

pages 28/29 - International Footballers
T.L. Davis (Oldham Athletic & Ireland)
D. McCulloch (Brentford & Scotland)
J. Dawson (Glasgow Rangers & Scotland)
A. Young (Huddersfield Town & England)
J. Murphy (West Bromwich Albion & Wales)

pages 30/31 - International Footballers (2)
J. Brown (Coventry City & Ireland)
Alex Munro (Blackpool & Scotland)
Sam Crooks (Derby County & England)
Bryn Jones (Wolverhampton Wanderers & Wales)
A.E. Catlin (Sheffield Wednesday & England)

pages 32/33 - Racing Motor-Cyclists
A.R. Foster (T.T. Winner)
J.H. White ("Crasher")
F.L. Frith (T.T. Winner)
Eric Fernihough (Mile Record Holder)
S. 'Ginger' Wood (T.T. Rider)

pages 34/35 - Ice Hockey Kings
Jimmy Kelly (Brighton Tigers)
Gordon Dailley (Wembley Lions)
Edgar Brenchley (Harringey Greyhounds)
Archie Stinchcombe (Streatham)
Jimmy Chappell (Earls Court Rangers)

pages 36/37 - Brilliant Batsmen
E. Paynter (Lancashire)
W.W. Keeton (Nottinghamshire)
H. Sutcliffe (Yorkshire)
M.S. Nichols (Essex)
James Langridge (Sussex)

pages 38/39 - Tip-Top Jockeys
Tommy Weston (Jockey)
Pat Beasley (Jockey)
Bruce Hobbs (Britain's Youngest Jockey)
Evan Williams (Grand National Winner)

pages 40/41 - Atlantic Liner Captains
Capt. R.V. Peel (of the Queen Mary)
Capt. P. Thoreux (of the Normandie)
Leading Athletes
G.I. Rampling (Athlete)
S.G. Wooderson

pages 42/43 - Mirth-Makers of the Movies
Will Hay
Harold Lloyd
Oliver Hardy
Charlie Chaplin
Stan Laurel

pages 44/45 -  Speedway Wizards
Jack Ormston (Harringay Tigers)
Jack Milne (New Cross)
Joe Francis (New Cross)
Eric Langton (Belle Vue Aces)
'Ginger' Lees (Wembley Lions)

pages 46/47 - Drivers of Crack Trains
W. Brecknell (GWR - Cornish Riviera)
D. Parsons (GWR - Cheltenham Flyer)
W. Samwells (LNER  - Silver Jubilee)
Charles West (LNER - Scarborough Flyer)
A.J. Taylor (LNER - Flying Scotsman)

Sheet 1   -   issue no. 801, dated 5 June, 1937

Tommy Farr (Boxer)
Alf Kirchen (Arsenal)
Will Hay
Lionel van Pragg (Wembley Lions - Speedway)
Capt. R.V. Peel (Ocean Liner - Queen Mary)
H. Sutcliffe (Yorkshire - Cricket)
H. Opperman
Jim Mollison (Airmen)
Reginald Foort (BBC Radio organist)
Sir Malcolm Campbell

Sheet 2   -   issue no. 802, dated 12 June, 1937

Jack Doyle (Boxer)
H. Gimblett (Somerset)
Billy Cotton
Claude Dampier
F.W. Southall (The Super Record Smasher)
A. Young (Huddersfield Town & England)
Eric Fernihough (Mile Record Holder)
Capt. P. Thoreux (of the Normandie)
Stan Laurel (Movie Star)
Eric Langton (Belle Vue Aces - Speedway)

Sheet ?  -  issue no. 808, dated 24 July, 1937

Horace Lindrum (The Australian Expert)
Oliver Hardy
J. Clay (Glamorgan)
W.G. Paul (Tandem Record Breakers)
James Langridge (Sussex)
Joe Payne (Luton Town)
Jimmy Kelly (Brighton Tigers)
Austin Dobson
Charles West (LNER - Scarborough Flyer)
Joe Francis (New Cross)

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