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Football & Sports Favourite / Sports Fun - FOO-040/ZJ5-74 Sportsmen ~ Football & Sports Favourite and Sports Fun Photo Stamp Album (2)

FOO-040/ZJ5-74 Sportsmen
Football & Sports Favourite / Sports Fun
168 'stamps'

The previous article regarding this collection can be found here - - including an alphabetical list of all 168 'stamps'.

Trevor Cotterell has kindly sent in details of the rest of the 14 sheets...
Good evening Alan,
I have some of these sheets which I will list in a moment, with regards to the title I had these marked as the following:- A set of 144 brown stamps issued in 12 sheets of 12 stamps and titled 'Happy Snaps of Famous Sportsmen' issued by 'Sports Fun' magazine, of which an album was supplied for these. The other two sheets were issued with 'Football Special & Sporting Pictorial'. Could this magazine have been a sister for the other one?
When I look at these sheets some of them have a nice defined border to them, however some are cut right on the dots. It would not surprise me if these were originally in doubles as they would still have fit in the comic/ magazine.
Of the sheets you have listed I have sheets 1,2,4,5 and 7. At least there is confirmation that 168 exist.
The details of the first 7 sheets where were listed previously, are repeated below. Trevor's sheets follow on, numbered from 8 to 14. I think it's best to assume that these sheets are numbered for reference only, until we can confirm in what order they were issued. The names are listed in the order they appear on the sheets, reading from the top, left to right.

FOO-040 / ZJ5-74 - Sportsmen (sheet 1)

Nicholson (Clapton Orient)
Hendren (Middlesex CCC)
Whitfield (Newport RFC)
Townley (Heavy-weight)
Edmonds (Wolves)
Buchan (Bolton)
Shea (Wigan NU)
Geo. Gunn (Notts CCC)
Fort (Millwall)
Kilbane (Feather-weight Champ. World)
Walters (Spurs)
Wilson (Huddersfield)

FOO-040 / ZJ5-74 - Sportsmen (sheet 2)

Clay (Spurs)
Donoghue (Jockey)
Wallace (Oldham Athletic)
Mann (Middlesex CCC)
Islip (Huddersfield)
Russell (Mddx CCC)
Kelly (Burnley)
Chedgzoy (Everton)
Barry (Sculling Champion)
Wilson (Sheffield United)
Armstrong (Australia - Cricket)
Rice (Light-weight Champion. Europe)

FOO-040 / ZJ5-74 - Sportsmen (sheet 3)

His Majesty The King
Ducat (Fulham and Surrey)
Goddard (Heavy-weight)
Jupp (Northampton)
Vizard (Bolton)
Campbell (Partick Thhistle)
Tyson (Yorkshire CCC)
Ramsbottom (Batley NU)
Gummer (Middle-weight)
Blair (Cardiff City)
Carslake (Jockey)
Morton (Glasgow Rangers)

FOO-040 / ZJ5-74 - Sportsmen (sheet 4)

L. Smelt (Burnley)
N. Haig (Middlesex C.C.)
J. Banks (Tottenham Hotspur)
T. Surman (Bradford NU)
J. Gossman (Queens Park)
L. Cook (Lancs C.C.)
M. Beary (Jockey)
F. Foxall (Birmingham)
J. Basham (Welterweight)
J. Hargreaves (Bradford City)
J.C. White (Somerset C.C.)
J. Galbraith (Clapton Oreint)

FOO-040 / ZJ5-74 - Sportsmen (sheet 5)

J. Doran (Brighton & Hove A.)
G. Dennett (Gloucester C.C.)
D. Jack (Bolton Wanderers)
H. Edmondson (Bramley NU)
M. Hamill (Manchester City)
A.E. Gilligan (Notts C.C.)
F. Lane (Jockey)
J. Jones (Crystal Palace)
Benny Leonard (Lt Welt Champ)
J. Gittens (Barnsley)
G.M. Louden (Essex C.C.)
G. French (Greenock Morton)

FOO-040 / ZJ5-74 - Sportsmen (sheet 6)

F. Potts (Bradford City)
R.R. Relf (Sussex CC)
H. Humphries (Rotherham County)
R. Hurcombe (Wigan NU)
H. Edgeley (Queens Park Rangers)
F. Wootton (Jockey)
E. Goldthorpe (Leeds United)
W.A. Hill (Runner)
Soldier Jones (Heavyweight Boxer)
E. Ferguson (Chelsea)
A.T. Jeacocke (Surrey CC)
D. Lawson (St Mirren)

FOO-040 / ZJ5-74 - Sportsmen (sheet 7)

J. Wood (Falkirk)
J. Vine (Sussex C.C.)
C. Lawrence (Derby County)
S. Moorhouse (Huddersfield)
J. Armstrong (Barnsley)
Honeyman (Featherweight)
C. Johnstone (Aston Villa)
V. Smyth (Jockey)
Joe Lynch (Bantam Champ.)
A.E. Knight (Portsmouth)
W.E. Astill (Leicester C.C.)
T. Schofield (Halifax NU)

FOO-040 / ZJ5-74 - Sportsmen (sheet 8)

W. Newbigging (Motherwell)
A. Sandham (Surrey CCC)
C. Petrie (Sheffield Wednesday)
F. Stockley (Widnes NU)
E. Kail (Dulwich Hamlet)
A.G. Dipper (Glos CCC)
G. Archibald (Jockey)
A. Wilson (Plymouth Argyle)
Gus Platts (Mid.-wt. Champ)
R. Williams (Merthyr Town)
H. Sutcliffe (Yorkshire CCC)
W. Cope (WHU)

FOO-040 / ZJ5-74 - Sportsmen (sheet 9)

F. Broadbent (Oldham Athletic)
G.H. Fowke
J. Mitchell (Charlton Athletic)
Buck (Leeds NU)
R. Boreham (Arsenal)
H.T. Hardinge (Kent CCC)
C. Ledoux (Bantam-weight)
R. Elvey (Bolton Wanderers)
J. Wilson (Mid.-wt. Champ)
A. Mutch (Huddersfield Town)
G. Holdsworth (Yorks CCC)
J. Reid (Everton)

FOO-040 / ZJ5-74 - Sportsmen (sheet 10)

McGrory (Stoke)
Holmes (Yorkshire CCC)
Thomson (St. Mirren)
MacDonald (Nelson CC)
Grimsdell (Spurs)
Wolfe (Swimmer)
Herman (Bantamweight)
Pirie (Queens Park)
Guignard (World Hour Cycling Champ)
Cresswell (Sunderland)
Fender (Surrey CCC)
Williamson (Bury)

FOO-040 / ZJ5-74 - Sportsmen (sheet 11)

Brittan (Cardiff City)
Strudwick (Surrey CCC)
Dimmock (Spurs)
Rhodes (Yorkshire CCC)
Bond (Bradford City)
Lloyd (Australian Cruiserweight)
Richardson (Plymouth)
Stringfellow (Hearts)
Campbell (Southampton)
Donkin (Barns)
Lord Lonsdale
Jones (Notts Forest)

FOO-040 / ZJ5-74 - Sportsmen (sheet 12)

Pennington (W.H.U.)
Higgins (Bantamweight Champ, Gt Britain)
McCracken (Newcastle United)
Campbell (Oxford Stroke)
Bullock (Jockey)
Quantrill (Preston North End)
Schofield (Manchester United)
Tyldesley (Lancashire CCC)
Jefferson (Swindon Town)
Williamson (Middlesbrough)
Hearne (Middlesex CCC)
Lucas (Liverpool)

FOO-040 / ZJ5-74 - Sportsmen (sheet 13)

Prince of Wales
Barratt (Southampton)
Waddington (Yorks CCC)
Brookes (Wolves)
Bradbury (Clapton Orient)
H. Howell (Warwick)
Pym (Bolton)
Billy Wells (Welterweight)
Fazackerley (Everton)
Brown (Motherwell)
Tennyson (England Capt. 1921)
Paterson (Sunderland)

FOO-040 / ZJ5-74 - Sportsmen (sheet 14)

Roberts (P.N.E.)
Wynn (Featherweight Champ, Europe)
Whittaker (Arsenal)
Spooner (Lancs CCC)
Ewart (Bradford City)
Broad (Stoke)
Hartley (Cambridge Stroke)
Smith (Huddersfield)
Knight (Surrey CCC)
Feebury (Crystal Palace)
Mead (Hampshire CCC)
Bissett (Wolves)

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