Thursday, 23 January 2014

British Automatic Co. Ltd. - BRI-380 / BRH-12 Famous British Sportsmen


BRI-380 / BRH-12 Famous British Sportsmen
British Automatic Co. Ltd.
24 cards (5 football)

These cards were given from weight machines in major stores. Five footballers, plus Denis Compton, who played for Arsenal and England but is shown in this set as a cricketer.

1.  John Charles

2.  Tom Finney
3.  Stanley Matthews
4.  Billy Wright
5.  George Young
6.  Ken Jones (Rugby Union)
7.  J.W. Kyle (Rugby Union)
8.  Bleddyn Williams (Rugby Union)
9.  Trevor Bailey (Cricket)
10.  Alec & Eric Bedser (Cricket)
11.  Denis Compton (Cricket)
12.  Len Hutton (Cricket)
13.  E. Mercer (Jockey)
14.  Gordon Richards (Jockey)
15.  H.M. Llewellyn (Show Jumping)
16.  Don Cockell (Boxing)
17.  Reg Harris (Cycling)
18.  Geoffrey Duke (Motor Cycling)
19.  Joe Davis (Snooker)
20.  Stirling Moss (Motor Racing)
21.  Henry Cotton (Golf)
22.  Freddie Williams (Speedway)   -    updated 30-09-2019  -  thanks to Paul Coppin
23.  Johnny Leach (Table Tennis)
24.  Rosacino & Diane Rowe (Table Tennis)


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