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W. A. & A. C. Churchman - Footballers (Coloured, with inset portrait)

Footballers (Coloured, with inset portrait)
W. A. & A. C. Churchman

Footballers (Coloured, with inset portrait) - 1914-15
Footballers (Coloured, with inset portrait) - 1997 reprint by Card Collectors Society

1.  R. Cromton (Blackburn Rovers)
2.  J.V. Backe (Aston Villa)
3.  R. McFadden (Clapton Orient)
4.  H. Fleming (Swindon Town)
5.  T.W. Boyle (Burnley)
6.  W. Lacey- Liverpool)
7.  J.T. Brittleton (Sheffield Wednesday)
8.  W. McCracken (Newcastle United)
9.  G. Wall (Manchester United)
10.  J. Pennington (West Bromwich Albion)
11.  V.J. Woodward (Chelsea)
12.  W. Wedlock (Bristol City)
13.  J.G. Peart (Notts County)
14.  R.G. Williamson (Middlesbrough)
15.  F. Walden (Tottenham Hotspur)
16.  A. Mitchell (Queens Park Rangers)
17.  C. Thomson (Sunderland)
18.  G. Lillycrop (Bolton Wanderers)
19.  C. Roberts (Oldham Athletic)
20.  A. Lee (Southampton)
21.  T. Bromell (Manchester City)
22.  R. Downs (Barnsley)
23.  H. Colcough (Crystal Palace)
24.  L. Davies (Northampton Town)
25.  F. Womack (Birmingham City)
26.  J. English (Sheffield United)
27.  P.R. Sands (Woolwich Arsenal)
28.  W. Davis (Millwall)
29.  T. Randall (West Ham United)
30.  J. Mercer (Nottingham Forest)
31.  R. Torrence (Bradford City)
32.  R. Mercer (Hearts of Midlothian)
33.  T.S. Little (Bradford Park Avenue)
34.  S. Stevens (Hull City)
35.  F. Fayers (Huddersfield Town)
36.  E. Scattergood (Derby County)
37.  J.H. Spiers (Leeds City)
38.  T. McDonald (Bury)
39.  J. McCall (Preston North End)
40.  J.S. McConnachie (Everton)
41.  H. Woods (Norwich City)
42.  W. Booth (Brighton & Hove Albion)
43.  J. Smith (Reading)
44.  H.J. Pearce (Fulham)
45.  A. McNair (Glasgow Celtic)
46.  W. Reid (Glasgow Rangers)
47.  R. Orrock (Falkirk)
48.  A.E. Knight (Portsmouth)
49.  A.J. Bishop (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
50.  S. Atterbury (Plymouth Argyle)


  1. Yet another lovely set! I didn't realise that they were available as a reprint - I might just seek this out and get a framed collection.

  2. What are these worth in reprint 1997

    1. The preprints were a limited edition and hard to find these days but i have no idea of value, sorry.


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