Thursday, 12 September 2013

Various - League Ladders Team Tabs (5)

1923 - 2012-13
League Ladders Team Tabs

There have been a few changes and additions since the last time this was published. I make no excuses for including as many Cardiff City 'tabs' as possible. Only a few missing from, as far as I know, the only League Ladders issued other than those produced by Shoot, Match and more recently, Match of the Day magazine. Please get in touch if you know of others, or can fill in any gaps. Bob Thomas has supplied some of the new ones shown here and he has also sent in scans of some Shoot team tabs, so I'll be updating those later.

N.B.  Roger Pashby has just been in touch to tell me that the Huddersfield Town tab under Valiant 1963-64 is actually from Lion 1963-64. It's possible that there wasn't a League Ladder in Valiant for 1963-64 season.

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