Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Gem Library - (GEM-070/GEM-6) The Gem Library Picture Album

(GEM-070/GEM-6) The Gem Library Picture Album
The Gem Library
100  stickers

This is a 16 page album given away with The Gem Library storypaper. The inserts were cut from sheets. These had to be cut out and stuck into the relevant position in the album. There were a number of sections but I'm only interested in getting details about the final section, The Year's Sport.
UPDATE (08-03-2018 16:09):  Thanks to Barry Dixey for some additional information via the Comments section.

1.  "Cutty Sark" (Front cover)
2-4.  Flags and Funnels
5-15.  Queer Ships
16-19.  Birds Eggs
20-29.  The Story of Guy Fawkes
20-33.  Royal Navy Flags and Insignia
34-43.  The King and his Guards 
44-47.  Medals of the Great War
48-57.  Artillery - since the World Began
58-63.  Air Force Emblems
64-71.  A Day in an Airport
72-75.  British People Through the Ages
76-85.  The Life of Buffalo Bill
86-90.  The Crown Jewels

91-99.  The Year's Sport

91.  The King presents the F.A. Cup to the captain (Dixie Dean)
92.  The University Boat Race
93.  The Derby
94.  Sam Ferris, winning Windsor-London Marathon
95.  Isle of Man TT Race
96.  Cross-Channel Swimming
97.  Greyhound Derby
98.  Douglas Jardine (England) and Bill Woodfull (Australia) with The Ashes
99.  Wimbledon - mentions Jack Crawford, shows a doubles match

100.  " Britannia" (Back cover)


  1. I have the completed album.
    Numbers 91 to 99 were the sport stamps.
    Number 91 being the best stamp showing King George V presenting the FA Cup.
    Hope this helps. Barry

    1. Hi Barry,

      Thank you for leaving a comment, I've amended the post with the information you have provided.

      Kind regards,



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