Saturday, 14 September 2013

Boys' Magazine - BOY-590/BPM-8 Transfers of Footballers

BOY-590/BPM-8 Transfers of Footballers
Boys' Magazine
12 sheets

Further items sent in by Bob Thomas. The first item is one of a sheet of 12 transfers given away with a publication called Boys' Magazine, a storypaper, in 1927. The front cover and the relevant page describing each of the players is also shown.

S.M. Bishop, W. Barratt, T.H. Jennings, F. Tunstall
C. Buchan, R. Kelly, J. McMullan, A. Chandler
G. Camsell, F. Osborne, C. Stephenson, P.Cherrett
H. Gallagher, L. Davies, W. Williams, F. M'Pherson
J. Dimmock, W.E. Rawlings, A. Jackson, H. Ferguson
V. Gibbins, H. Chambers, D. Halliday, W.H. Walker
E. Harper, J.W. Spence, A. Morton, J. Tonner
J.H. Hill, J. Brain, A. Cunningham, D.H. Morris
J. Dawson, E. Phillipson, W. Gillespie, E. Beecham
R.H. Pym, J. Bradford, J.F.A. Colllins, A.G. Bower
G.S. Seymour, S.C. Puddefoot, R. Parker, J. Townrow
C. Wilson, W.R. Dean, J. Trotter, A. Wilson

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