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Cornish Match Co./Jay Dees Newsagents - Footballers 3rd Series

Footballers 3rd Series
Cornish Match Co./Jay Dees Newsagents

The third and final series of Footballer matchbox labels.
UPDATE (12-01-2021 14:24):  Tony Park has been looking at the Cornish Match Company cards:
I have been looking at the cards and comparing them to the images I have closer up. I am almost convinced that the 3rd Series is later than 1981/82. Firstly, Norman Whiteside only appeared in the United first team in May 1982 so to have a card out that quick seems strange. In addition, the Bryan Robson card shows him without a perm. When he joined United in 1981 he kept his perm for a while. Also Arnold Muhren is wearing United style shirt. Muhren joined in 1982 and his shirt seems to be that worn in 1982/83 or 1983/84.
So given all those factors, and that the England players are wearing the 1982/83 kit, I'm pretty certain that the 3rd series of those cards are from 1982/83 and maybe even 1983/84.
As always you just never know, and happy for someone to provide a more definitive answer.

1.  Sammy Lee (England)
2.  Norman Whiteside (Northern Ireland)
3.  Gordon Strachan (Scotland)
4.  Gordon Davies (Wales)
5.  Frank Stapleton (Eire)
6.  Graeme Souness (Scotland)
7.  Gordon Cowans (England)
8.  Tony Woodcock (England)
9.  John Wark (Scotland)
10.  Ian Stewart (Northern Ireland)
11.  Arnold Muhren (Holland)
12.  Charlie Nicholas (Scotland)
13.  Bryan Robson (England)
14.  Glenn Hoddle (England)
15.  Kenny Sansom (England)
16.  Luther Blisset (England)
17.  Robbie James (Wales)
18.  Garry Shaw (England)

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