Saturday 14 September 2013

Ty-Phoo Tea - TYP-340/TYP-350-1/TYP-350-2 Football Stars

TYP-340 / Football Stars - Premium issue
TYP-350-1 / Football Stars - Package issue - with white football
TYP-350-2 / Football Stars - Package issue - without white football
Ty-Phoo Tea

Something a little different this time. I've included the checklist for these collections. There were two variations on the cards that were printed on the side of the packets of Ty-Phoo Tea. It was possible then to get much larger cards of the players, an example is shown above, in exchange for 12 footballs cut from the package. These were the last of the package designs and are the rarest of all the football 'cards' produced by Ty-Phoo.

What I'm trying to do is show all 24 of the players that appeared on the packages. There are three missing - George Best, Billy Bremner and Ian Story-Moore. Can anyone help with scans of these three.

Alan Ball

Gordon Banks
Colin Bell
George Best
Billy Bremner
Bobby Charlton
Martin Chivers
Ron Davies
Derek Dougan
Johnny Giles
George Graham
John Hollins
Emlyn Hughes
Jimmy Johnstone
Francis Lee
Malcolm MacDonald
Roy McFarland
Bobby Moore
Alan Mullery
John O'Hare
Joe Royle
Gary Sprake
Colin Stein
Ian Storey-Moore

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