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Sunday Disptach - Sunday Disptach Sports Album ~ Football League Stars


Sunday Disptach Sports Album - Football League Stars
Sunday Dispatch

Mike Prior has sent in a scan of an item that is interesting...

I have a cutting with the wording "An Album of Soccer Stars" and the first two subjects which have come from either side of the title: No.1 Billy Wright and No.2 Ron Burgess (both pictures have a facsimile signature at the bottom of the picture).

It's another collection of newspaper cuttings, these were printed in 1947. I have a numbered list of 20, which may be a complete set. All three items shown above were intended to be carefully cut out. The middle part is the front cover. You were then meant to pierce the holes and tie string through them to turn the collection into a booklet.

1.  Billy Wright (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
2.  Ron Burgess (Tottenham Hotspur)
3.  Stan Mortensen (Blackpool)
4.  Neil Franklin (Stoke City)
5.  Stanley Matthews (Blackpool)
6.  Jackie Milburn (Newcastle United)
7.  Ted Ditchburn (Tottenham Hotspur)
8.  Tom Finney (Preston North End)
9.  Alf Ramsey (Southampton)
10.  Frank Swift (Manchester City)
11.  Ernie Jones (Tottenham Hotspur)
12.  Jack Rowley (Manchester United)
13.  Trevor Ford (Aston Villa)
14.  Billy Hughes (Blackburn Rovers)
15.  Henry Cockburn (Manchester United)
16.  Ivor Powell (Aston Villa)
17.  Johnny Carey (Manchester United)
18.  Reg Flewin (Portsmouth)
19.  Joe Harvey (Newcastle United)
20.  Billy Steel (Derby County)

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