Friday, 13 September 2013

Continental Pools (Belgium) - Figures Sportives

Figures Sportives
Continental Pools
Unknown number

I've no idea how many there are in a complete set, nor how many of the players played in the Football League. These may have been cut down from larger sheet. Anyone know for sure?
UPDATE (08-06-2017 10:13):  A scan of the C. Duffy card has been added.

62.  C. Duffy (Charlton)
63.  G. Smith (Manchester City)
66.  E. Gailly (Athlet)
70.  L. Scott (Arsenal)
85.  Alex Jany (Negeur - Zwemmer)
86.  J. Glazzard (Huddersfield Town)
87.  R. Rooke (Arsenal)

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