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Arnoldo Mondadori - Coppa del Mondo 1966 Epoca di Gianni Brera

Coppa del Mondo 1966 Epoca di Gianni Brera
Arnoldo Mondadori
190 stickers

These stickers are in various shapes - square, rectangular and circular. They were printed in sheets and the illustrations had to be cut out using a scissors before they could be stuck in the album. All the England stickers are shown above.

W formation (page 2)
WM formation (page 3)
1950s formation (page 11)
M formation (page 14)
4-2-4 formation (page 18)
De La Mata (Argentina)
Kit (Argentina)
Roma - Circular (Argentina)
Rattin - Circular (Argentina)
Albrecht - Circular (Argentina)
Ermindo Onega - Circular (Argentina)
Mas - CircularFerreiro (Argentina)
Marzolini (Argentina)
Santoro (Argentina)
Alfredo Rojas (Argentina)
Pele (Brazil)
Kit and 2 x World Cup (Brazil)
Zito - Circular (Brazil)
Rildo - Circular (Brazil)
Gilmar - Circular (Brazil)
Garrincha - Circular (Brazil)
Silva (Brazil)
Djalma Santos (Brazil)
Bellini (Brazil)
Jair (Brazil)
Orlando (Brazil)
Gerson (Brazil)
Amarildo (Brazil)
Roberto Dias (Brazil)
Asparoukov (Bulgaria)
Kit (Bulgaria)
Kolev (Bulgaria)
Jakimov (Bulgaria)
Largov (Bulgaria)
Naidenov (Bulgaria)
Lionel Sanchez (Chile)
Kit (Chile)
Eladio Rojas (Chile)
Contrera (Chile)
Valentini (Chile)
Cruz (Chile)
Eyzaguirre (Chile)
Ramirez (Chile)
Hidge (Chile)
Godoy (Chile)
Fouilloux (Chile)
Gonzales (Chile)
Yavar (Chile)
Landa (Chile)
Tobar (Chile)
Han Bong Jin (North Korea)
Kit (North Korea)
Li Chang Myung (North Korea)
Nestor Combin (France)
Kit (France)
Budzinski, Peri (France)
Gindet, Herbin, Baraffe (France)
Team Photo - Circular (France)
Chorda (France)
Artelesa (France)
Simon (France)
Hausser (France)
Blanchet (France)
Douis (France)
Fdjorkaeff (France)
Bosquier (France)
Muller (France)
Aubour (France)
Bonnel (France)
Helmut Haller (West Germany)
Kit (West Germany)
Tilkowski (West Germany)
Beckenbauer (West Germany)
Libuda (West Germany)
Seeler (West Germany)
Held (West Germany)
Schnellinger - Circular (West Germany)
Heiss (West Germany)
Overath (West Germany)
Brunnenmeier (West Germany)
Schulz (West Germany)
Emmerich (West Germany)
Bruells (West Germany)
Weber (West Germany)
Hoettges (West Germany)
Piontek (West Germany)
Bobby Charlton (England)
Kit (England)
Hunt (England)
Greaves (England)
Cohen (England)
Jacky (sic) Charlton (England)
Banks (England)
World Cup Willie (England)
Moore (England)
Eastham (England)
Ball (England)
Stiles (England)
Wilson (England)
Connelly (England)
Osgood (England)
Milne (England)
Springett (England)
Baker (England)
Thompson (England)
Kit 2 x World Cup (Italy)
Giacinto Facchetti (Italy)
Rivera - Circular (Italy)
Mazzola - Circular (Italy)
Slavadore - Circular (Italy)
Corso - Circular (Italy)
Bulgarelli - Circular (Italy)
Glaneri (Italy)
Fogli (Italy)
Meroni (Italy)
Leoncini (Italy)
Negri (Italy)
Pascutti (Italy)
Barison (Italy)
Rosato (Italy)
Burgnich (Italy)
Albertosi (Italy)
Carbajal (Mexico)
Kit (Mexico)
Calderon,Del Muro,Chaires,Jaregui,Sepulveda (Mexico)
Fragoso (Mexico)
Padilla (Mexico)
Diaz (Mexico)
Eusebio (Portugal)
Kit (Portugal)
Torres (Portugal)
Carvalho (Portugal)
Coluna (Portugal)
Simoes (Portugal)
Germano (Portugal)
Costa Pereira (Portugal)
Luisito Suarez (Spain)
Kit (Spain)
Pirri - Circular (Spain)
Amancio - Circular (Spain)
Betancort - Circular (Spain)
Peiro - Circular (Spain)
Zoco - Circular (Spain)
Velasquez - Circular (Spain)
Lapetra (Spain)
Olivella (Spain)
Rivilla (Spain)
Pereda (Spain)
Marcelino (Spain)
Reija (Spain)
Adelardo (Spain)
Ufarte (Spain)
Glaria (Spain)
Sanchis (Spain)
Kuhn (Switzerland)
Kit (Switzerland)
Allemann - Circular (Switzerland)
Leimgruber - Circular (Switzerland)
Bani - Circular (Switzerland)
Elsener (Switzerland)
Grobety (Switzerland)
Schneiter (Switzerland)
Durr (Switzerland)
Prospei (Switzerland)
Schindelholz (Switzerland)
Florian Albert (Hungary)
Kit (Hungary)
Tichy (Hungary)
Team Photo (Hungary)
Lev Yashin (Russia)
Kit (Russia)
Husainov (Russia)
Cislenko (Russia)
Scesterniev (Russia)
Voronin (Russia)
Ivanov (Russia)
Metreveli (Russia)
Ponedelnik (Russia)
Pedro Rocha (Uruguay)
Kit (Uruguay)
Urrusmendi (Uruguay)
Martinez (Uruguay)
Goncalvez (Uruguay)
Douskas (Uruguay)
Mazurkiewicz (Uruguay)
Mendez (Uruguay)
Gild (Uruguay)
Silva (Uruguay)
Manicera (Uruguay)
Caetano (Uruguay)

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