Monday, 9 September 2013

Cornish Match Co./Jay Dees Newsagents - Footballers 2nd Series

Footballers 2nd Series
Cornish Match Co./Jay Dees Newsagents

A second series of matchbox labels.

1.  Gary Megson (Everton)
2.  Terry McDermott (Liverpool)
3.  Gary Gillespie (Coventry City)
4.  Roy Kaye (York City)
5.  Brian Flynn (Leeds United)
6.  Larry May (Leicester City)
7.  Colin Lee (Chelsea)
8.  Glen Hoddle (sic) (Tottenham Hotspur)
9.  Alan Biley (Derby County)
10.  Mick Mills (Ipswich Town)
12.  Clive Allen (Arsenal)
11.  Kenny Sansom (Crystal Palace)
13.  Terry Donovan (Aston Villa)
14.  Bill Rafferty (Newcastle United)
15.  John Mahoney (Swansea City)
16.  Joe Jordan (Manchester United)
17.  David Needham (Nottingham Forest)
18.  David Geddis (Aston Villa)

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