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Ty-Phoo Tea / Co-op - TYP-300-2 Football Club Plaques


TYP-300-2 Football Club Plaques
Ty-Phoo Tea / Co-op
38 known

These are plastic shields provided by Ty-Phoo. Special packets were printed with one shield printed on the side. These could be collected and redeemed for a real plastic badge. The advert above lists the 35 to be collected. Nigel Mercer has most of them on display on his website, check them out here. It is presumed that all these were available on the packets. At least 31 were also available direct from the Co-op - you can see an advert for them here on the GotNotGot website. Another three are known to exist, and there may be more.

TYP-300-2 Football Club Plaques (Package issue)

TYP-330-1 Football Club Plaques (Premium issue)

1.  Arsenal

2.  Aston Villa
3.  Birmingham City
4.  Bristol City
5.  Celtic
6.  Charlton Athletic
7.  Chelsea
8.  Coventry City
9.  Darlington
10.  Everton
11.  Glasgow Rangers
12.  Hull City
13.  Leeds United
14.  Leicester City
15.  Lincoln City
16.  Liverpool
17.  Luton Town
18.  Manchester City
19.  Manchester United
20.  Millwall
21.  Newcastle United
22.  Nottingham Forest
23.  Oldham Athletic
24.  Peterborough United
25.  Portsmouth
26.  Queens Park Rangers
27.  Sheffield United
28.  Sheffield Wednesday
29.  Shrewsbury Town
30.  Southampton
31.  Southport
32.  Stockport County
33.  West Bromwich Albion
34.  West Ham United
35.  Wolverhampton Wanderers

others known to exist

Tottenham Hotspur


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