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The Sunday Post - SUN-310 The Sunday Post Football Album


SUN-310 The Sunday Post Football Album
The Sunday Post
20 prints

A collection of twenty team photos given away with The Sunday Post in 1933. No issue dates though.

UPDATE (25-10-2015):  List of players added for Newcastle United FC and Queens Park FC.
UPDATE (23-05-2016):  Lists of players added for Hibernian FC, Partick Thistle FC and Sportsklub Rapid of Vienna.

Aberdeen F.C. 1933-34

Mr. Travers (Manager), O’Riley, Cooper, Smith, McGill, Fraser, Thomson, Coleman (Trainer), Beynon, Beattie (now at Wolverhampton Wanderers), Armstrong, Milla, Gall.
Arsenal F.C. 1933-34
Stockill, Jones, Parkin, E. Hapgood, Frank Hill, L. Crompton, Sidey, Haynes, F. Moss, H. Roberts, G. Male, R. John, H. Chapman (Manager), J. Hulme, R. Bowden, D. Jack, Lambert, Coleman, James, Bastin, T. Whittaker (Trainer).
Aston Villa F.C. 1933-34
H. Couch (Trainer), J. Gibson, A. Talbot, H. Morton, J. Tate, D. Astley, J. Nibloe, W.H. Walker, J. Madley, T. Mort, G. Brown, T. Waring, W. Simpson, R. Dix, A. Cunliffe, T. Wood, W. Kingdon, E. Houghton, D. Blair, J. Beresford.
Celtic F.C. 1933-34
W. Maley (Manager), A. Thomson, R. Hogg, J. Kennaway, C. Napier, J. McGrory, W. McGonagle, J. Quskley (Trainer), Crum, C. Geatons, J. McStay, P. Wilson, H. O'Donnell.
Chelsea F.C. 1933-34
L. Allum, A. Craig, G. Barber, S. Macintosh, J. Jackson, V. Woodley, R. M'Auley, T. Law, R. Griffiths, W. Mitchell, J. Whitley (Trainer), P. O'Dowd, S. Dudley, P. Buchanan, J. O'Hare, W. Pollock, W. Brown, C. Sime, W. Russell, J. Rankin, C. Harris (Assistant Trainer), A. Oakton, J. Copeland, W. Chitty, T. Priestley, H. Gallacher, G. Gibson, J. Horton, S. Prout, H. Miller, J. Crawford.
Dundee F.C. 1933-34
J. Brown T. McCarthy, L. Morgan, W. Marsh, S. Symon, T. Smith, J. Guthrie, W. Blyth, J. Murdoch, J. Robertson, H. Mackay, J. Gilmour, P. Lee, D. Paterson, H. Smith.
England International XI (v Scotland 1932-33)
Strange, Hart, Hibbs, Cooper, Weaver, Arnold, Hulme, Hunt, Blenkinsop, Starling, Pickering.
Everton F.C. 1933-34
Britton, White, Cock, Sagar, Cresswell, Thomson, Geldard, Dunn, Dean, Johnston, Stein.
Falkirk F.C. 1933-34
Nisbet, Bachelor, Murray, Anderson, Thomson, Richardson, Lowe, Hutchison, Dougal, Bartram, Hamill, McNair, Shankley, Grant.
Heart of Midlothian F.C. 1933-34
Alec Masse (Captain), Andy Herd, Anderson, Jack Harkness, Tommy O’Neill, J.A. Johnston, R. Johnston, Tommy Walker, Archie Gardiner, John Smith, Willie Murray.
Hibernian F.C. 1933-34
Langton, Wilkinson, Blyth, Urquhart, Watson, Crawford, Walls, Wallace, Halligan, Flucker, Somerville.
Kilmarnock F.C. 1933-34
Glass, Smith, Morton, Miller, Malloy, McEwan, Liddle, Williamson, Maxwell, Kennedy, Keane.
Motherwell F.C. 1933-34
Wylie, Crapnell, Wales, Blair, McGrory, Telfer, J. Joihnstone, Ellis, Dowall, Marnemy, McFadyen, Ferrier, Stevenson, Ogilvie, McKenzie.
Newcastle United F.C. 1933-34
Foster, West, Duff, Tapkin, Bewick, Johnson, Howard, J. McPherson (Trainer), A. McCombie (Assist. Trainer), Kelly, Bell, Dennison, Drydon, A. Mutch, J. Paton, Cape, Dr. Rutherford (Director), Davidson, McPhillips, Thomson, R.B. Benny (Director), Joe Richardson, E. Hall (Assist. Scretary), Betton, Boyd, T. Oliver (Director), Fairhurst, Weaver, G.F. Rutherford (Director), McMenemy, Murray, Dr. Simpson (Director), F.G. Watt (Secretary), McKenzie, McInroy, Richardson (J.R.), J. Lunn (Chairman), Nelson (Captain), J. Graham (Director), Allan, Burns, Lang, A. Cunningham (Manager), Gallantree, Leighton, Ford, Hughes, Cairns, Pearson.
Partick Thistle F.C. 1933-34
Miller, Prior, Gourlay, Cumming, McLeod, McAllister, Alston, Pritchard, Wyllie, Ballantyne, McLean.
Queens Park F.C. 1933-34
W. Browning, J.M. Dodds, T.G. Smith, J.C. Cooper, W. Lyon, A. Anderson, J. Crawford, R. Grant, K. Campbell, H. Bremner, J. Gardiner.
Rangers F.C. 1933-34
Dawson, Simpson, Drysdale, Smith, Mason, Kennedy, Dean, J. Russell, T. Hamilton, Mr. Struth (Manager), McPhail, T. Russell, Archibald, Cheyne, McAllay, Wilson, Craig, Boyd, Nicholson, A. Dixon (Trainer), Main, Hart, Stevenson, Gray, Gillick, Meiklejohn, Fleming, McDonald, Marshall, Brown.
Scotland XI (v England) 1932-33
Wilson, McPhail, Anderson, Jackson, McGoinagle, Brown, Crawford, McGrory, Gillespie, Marshall, Duncan.
Sportsklub Rapid of Vienna
Kaburek, Smistik, Weselik, Binder, Bican, Vytlacil, Schonecker (Manager), Schener, Schramseis, Fiala, Pesser, Pechac, Luef, Bauer (Trainer), Gelegs, Wagner, Cejka, Ostermann, Skoumai, Jestrab, Tauschek, Raftl, Bugala.
St Johnstone FC 1933-34
Stewart, Mason, Clark, Wylie, Ferguson, Ireland, Tennant, Dickie, Calder, Welsh, Davidson.

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