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Futera / Taddy & Co. - 'The Mythicals' Prominent Footballer Cards


'The Mythicals' Prominent Footballer Cards
Futera / Taddy & Co.

This information originally appeared on the Football Card Forum and I've been given permission to reproduce it here. It has got me so excited that I had to reproduce it here. I can't wait for it's release

Futera's 24ct gold plated and diamonds studded framed 'The Mythicals' Autographed Cards (limited to a maximum of 10 of each card design) creates a new dimension and a 'world 1st' for original football cards from 100 years ago, where cards of great stars from a bygone era can be enjoyed in an interactive environment. The cards' unique codes are useable in Futera's World Football online management game 'FWF Online' appealing to both a card collector and 'new-media' audience.
Futera's 2014 programme includes reviving memories and encouraging an appreciation of the collecting era from the early 1900s, commencing with arguably the most prized brand of historic cards 'Taddy & Co.' - a brand which produced its last football card series 'Prominent Footballers' in 1913/14.
To celebrate this centenary, Futera are pleased to bring out its 2014 'The Mythicals' Collections featuring original, historic cards from that time, with cards releasing from Futera's archives which holds one of the world's largest private collections of original Taddy & Co. cards, together with a new release of 'Prominent Footballers' Autographed Cards.
Following on from the original Taddy & Co. 1912 Autograph Card Release of famous people (Series 1), Futera's 'Series 2' features on-card Autographs from footballers who have contributed to the 'beautiful game' from over the past 50 years, with Series 3 on-card Autographed Cards featuring world stars from more recent years.
Futera has taken original artwork and worked with the fine detail, colours and size of the original cards from 'Taddy & Co.' Collections. The card mounts have been individually numbered and given a unique security code, then framed in a 24ct gold plated surround with a diamonds feature to bring the total composition to a standard trading card size.
Through unique coding, apart from being rare collectibles, these cards may be used in the Futera World Football online management game (FWF Online), perpetuating the Taddy & Co. brand into the future and showcasing a history in card collecting to a global and next-generation audience.
Among those featuring in Futera's 'The Mythicals' Checklist of Prominent Footballers is legend Eusebio. Sadly, due to his passing some weeks ago, the Eusebia Mythicals cards will not now be signed, but to commemorate his professional career as one of the greatest footballers of all time, Futera has decided to keep his Mythicals cards for issue. 6 of these rare cards, unsigned, will release from this month with the remaining 4 held in archive.
'The Mythicals' Prominent Footballer Collections will be available through the Futera UNIQUE 2014 Collection, with some cards releasing before then as an Insert Redemption Card with the FWF Online Series 4 Virtual Collection. Futera will also release some of its original Taddy cards from 100 years ago within a future Mythicals Set - limited to a maximum of 5 of each footballer - with the first cards going out as Token redemptions and playable in FWF Online.

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