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Hudson & Kearns, Photographers / News of the World - Famous Footballers and Athletes ~ edited by C.W. Alcock & Rowland Hill

Famous Footballers and Athletes - edited by C.W. Alcock & Rowland Hill
Hudson & Kearns, Photographers / News of the World
224 (108 Footballers)

Originally issued in 14-page weekly parts, or as single sheets in the News of the World. The publication is edited on the "Association" side by Charles Alcock, one of the early codifiers and administrators of the game, Secretary of the Football Association, instigator of the F.A. Cup, and the first man ever to be ruled offside; and the Rugby editor George Rowland Hill, for 23 years the Honorary Secretary of the Rugby Football Union, and the man who proposed the split between Union and League. Contains individual and team portraits of the greatest exponents of both the Association and Rugby codes.

The illustrations show one of the pages, unfortunately they are too large to fit an A4 scanner, so the title is missing off the top of the page. The second illustration shows the 14 weekly parts and the final one shows a bound volume opened to display two pages.

It is such a long time since I compiled this list that I'm not sure whether the information I have is in the order in which the players appear in the book. So I have decided to put the lists in alphabetical order, with players first followed by the team groups, but split between association footballers, who are listed first, and rugby players.

Famous Footballers of 1895 - Association

George Anderson (Blackburn Rovers)

W.C. Athersmith (Aston Villa)
C. Baker (Southampton)
W.S. Bambridge (Corinthians, Swifts & England)
W.J. Bassett (West Bromwich Albion & England)
John Bell (Everton)
S. Bloomer (Derby County & England)
R.H. Boyle (Everton & Scotland)
F.H. Bray (Cambridge University)
C.J. Burnup (Cambridge University)
J. Caldwell (Woolwich Arsenal)
J. Campbell (Aston Villa)
J.M. Campbell (Sunderland)
Edgar Chadwick (England)
Geoff Cotterill (Weybridge)
J.W. Crabtree (Burnley & England)
Gavin Crawford (Woolwich Arsenal & Scotland)   -   amended 30-12-2022  -  thanks to PaulH
Thomas Crawshaw (Sheffield Wednesday & England)
H.B. Daft (Notts County & England)
John Devey (Aston Villa)
J.E. Doig (Sunderland)
Daniel Doyle (Glasgow Celtic & Scotland)
M.T. Earp (Sheffield Wednesday)
F.N. Ellaby (Banister Court)
J.F. Fernie (Crusaders, Casuals)
William Foulke (Sheffield United)
C.B. Fry (Corinthians)
J.H.C. Gettins (Millwall Athletic)
Neil Gibson (Glasgow Rangers & Scotland)
W.J. Gilroy (Maidenhead)
John Goodall (Derby County & England)
R.C. Gosling (Old Etonians, Corinthians & England)
Donald R. Gow (Sunderland)
John Graham (Millwall Athletic)
W. Gulliland (Queens Park)
Bombadier Hanna (Royal Artillery)
Wm. Hay (London Caledonians)
A.G. Henfrey (England)
Dennis Hodgetts (Aston Villa & England)
Robert Holmes (Preston North End & England)
R. Howell (Sheffield United & England)
C. Jenkyns (Woolwich Arsenal)
R. Kelso (Renton)
W. Lambie (Queens Park)
L.V. Lodge (Cambridge University & England)
D. McArthur (Glasgow Celtic & Scotland)
C. McGahey (Forest Gate)
John McPherson (Glasgow Rangers)
James Millar (Sunderland)
Alfred Milward (Everton)
W.R. Moon (Old Westminsters,Corinthians & England)
Ernest Needham (Sheffield United & England)
W. Ollis (Small Heath)
Fred R. Pelly (Corinthians & England)
C. Perry (West Bromwich Albion & England)
G.B. Raikes (Corinthians & England)
Gunner Reilly (Army)
John Reynolds (Aston Villa & England)
W.C. Rose (Preston North End & England)
James D. Ross (Liverpool)
David Russell (Preston North End & Scotland)
R.R. Sandilands (Old Westminsters & Corinthians)
Fred A. Sargent (Watford Rovers)
Stephen Smith (Aston Villa & England)
G.O. Smith (Corinthians & England))
Ralph T. Squire (Corinthians)
Michael Stanbrough (Old Carthusians, Corinthians & England)
H. Storer (Woolwich Arsenal)
J.W. Sutcliffe (Bolton Wanderers & England)
E.J. Taylor (Southampton St. Mary's)
W.J.G. Thomson (Southampton St. Mary's)
James Trainer (Preston North End & England)
T.S. Waddell (Queens Park)
Arthur Walters (Cambridge Univ & England)
P.M. Walters (Corinthians)
H.F. Ward (Southampton St. Marys)
A. Watson (Sheffield United & England)
Arthur Wharton (Rotherham)
M. Whitham (Sheffield United)
W. Williams (West Bromwich Albion)
Hugh Wilson (Sunderland)
C. Wreford Brown (Old Carthusians, Corinthians & England)

Army Team of Kent

Aston Villa F.C.
Blackburn Rovers
Cambridge University
Derby County
English Team v Scotland
Irish Team v Scotland   -   updated   -   moved from the Rugby list  -  Thanks to Peter
Leicester Fosse
Millwall Athletic
Newcastle United
Oxford University
Preston North End
Royal Arsenal
Scottish Team v England
Sheffield United
Sheffield Wednesday
Sunderland A.F.C.
Welsh Team v England
Wolverhampton Wanderers

Famous Footballers of 1895 - Rugby

F.R. Alderson

Alfred Allport
A.R. Badger
R.S.H. Baiss
E.M. Baker
E.R. Balfour
W.J. Bancroft
S.P. Bell
Selwyn Biggs
W.H. Birch
A.W. Boucher
W.E. Bromet
G.L.F. Bullock
J.F. Byrne
G.T. Campbell
G.M. Carey
G. Carpenter
W.P. Carpmael
R.H. Cattell
P.R. Clauss
Fred. Clegg
E. Cooke
W.B. Cownie
T.O. Davies
R.F.C. De Winton
Charles Dixon
T.H. Dobson
W.P. Donaldson
Frank Evershed
J.H.C. Fegan
Edwin Fenner
E. Field
H.W. Finlinson
W.J. Foreman
E.G. Forrest
A.H. Frith
A.J. Gould
T.C. Graham
Charles Gurdon
E.T. Gurdon
J. Hannan
G.N.A. Harris
A.M. Jenkin
George Jones
A. Latter
S. Lee
F.C. Lohden
F.R. Loveitt
O.G. Mackie
F.H. Maturin
P. Maud
W. McCutcheon
R.G. McMillan
F. Mills
F. Mitchell
G.T. Neilson
W. Neilson
J.H. O'Conor
H. Packer
F.C. Parfitt
W.T. Pearce
T.W. Pearson
R. Polwhele
T. Pook
F.O. Poole
E. Redman
J.H. Rogers
C.V. Rooke
J.W. Simpson
A.R. Smith
Frank Soane
M. Sutcliffe
R.P. Swain
M. O'C. Tandy
E.W. Taylor
C. Thomas
W.B. Thomson
J. Toothill
W.E. Tucker
B.B. Tuke
J. Valentine
H. Varley
Roger Walker
Wallace Watts
C.M. Wells
Seymour Whalley
S.E. Wilson
S.M.J. Woods

Blackheath R.F.C.

Cambridge University
Cardiff R.F.C.
Cheshire County
Cumberland County
Durham County
England XV v Yorkshire
English Team v Scotland
Harlequins R.F.C.
Hartlepool Rovers R.F.C.
Hull R.F.C.
Irish Team v England
Lancashire County
Leicestershire County   -   updated   -   moved from the Association list  -  Thanks to Peter
London Scottish R.F.C.
Midland Counties
Moseley R.F.C.
Newport R.F.C.
Oxford University
Richmond R.F.C.
Rockliff R.F.C.
Scottish Team v England
Swansea R.F.C.
Welsh Team v England
Western Counties
Yorkshire County


  1. Fabulous! Handlebar moustaches, crossed arms, flat caps, roll-neck goalie jumpers - those were the days!

    1. Yes, I think a moustache was an essential part of the kit...

  2. Great stuff Alan, this is my favourite book after 'The Book of Football'. It's interesting to see a (relatively) slim-line William Foulke. Another player from the book, Derby's famous forward Steve Bloomer, was said to have deliberately aimed penalties at Foulke's huge stomach!

  3. Thank you Alan for the photo, list of players and info. Is there a place to get a reasonably priced reprint copy of this book?

    1. Hi Mark,

      I'm sorry, I'm not aware of one. If you find one anywhere please let me know.


  4. Hi Alan, Gavin Crawford was Woolwich Arsenal for this photograph. Kit and writing underneath photograph prove this. best Paul


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