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D.C. Thomson / The Vanguard - THO-725/THO-31 Vanguard Photo Gallery


THO-725/THO-31 Vanguard Photo Gallery
D.C. Thomson / The Vanguard
10 gatefold cards

Really nice gatefold cards, each depicting four contemporary footballers. The top picture shows the front and back and the second picture shows the two inside players. You'll find three more of these cards illustrated on Roger Pashby's Huddersfield Town website - Huddersfield Town Cards & Stickers.

issue no. 9, dated 08 December, 1923

J. Irvine (Everton), J. Low (Newcastle United), R.E. Yorke (Aston Villa), A. Archibald (Glasgow Rangers)
issue no. 10, dated 15 December, 1923
W. Tempest (Stoke City), N. Dinsdale (Notts County), S.R. Castle (Chelsea), E. Taylor (Huddersfield Town)
issue no. 11, dated 22 December, 1923
J. Carr (Middlesbrough), H. Healless (Blackburn Rovers), S. Haden (Arsenal), W. Rankin (Motherwell)
issue no. 12, dated 29 December, 1923
F. Morris (West Bromwich Albion), W. Jennings (Bolton Wanderers), J. Young (West Ham United), M. Forsyth (Aberdeen)
issue no. 13, dated 05 January, 1924
T. Roberts (Preston North End), N. Bullock (Bury), H. Morris (Manchester City), A. McLean (Glasgow Celtic)
issue no. 14, dated 12 January, 1924
J.A. Mackie (Arsenal), P. Bell (Raith Rovers), T. Wilson (Huddersfield Town), J. Cooper (Notts County)
issue no. 15, dated 19 January, 1924
W. Cook (Sheffield United), F. McPherson (Manchester United), J. McKay (Blackburn Rovers), A.L. Kennedy (Arsenal)
issue no. 16, dated 26 January, 1924
E. Barkas (Huddersfield Town), G.S. Seymour (Newcastle United), E. Scott (Queens Park), C. Walters (Tottenham Hotspur)
issue no. 17, dated 02 February, 1924
J. Gill (Cardiff City), T. Urwin (Middlebrough), W. Smith (Huddersfield Town), H. Shaw (Hibernian)
issue no. 18, dated 09 February, 1924
W. Brown (Everton), A. Wood (Clapton Orient), W. Morgan (Burnley), C. Pringle (Manchester City)

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  1. Thanks for the date details, Alan. And I learned something else - I always thought that there were only nine of these. ;-)


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