Thursday 20 March 2014

Panini - Adrenalyn XL 2014 FIFA World Cup Brasil - Limited Editions (7)

Adrenalyn XL 2014 FIFA World Cup Brasil - Limited Editions
71 LE's + 14 XXL cards

Here's the Luiz Suarez XXL card, still looking for scans of Eden Hazard, Neymar and Andrés Iniesta. There are also rumours of a Marco Reus XXL card too.

Lionel Messi (Argentina)  -  XXL   -   China, Poland Starterpack
Marouane Fellaini (Belgique/Belgie)  -  XXL   -   Belgium Starterpack
Eden Hazard (Belgique/Belgie)  -  XXL   -   Belgium, Poland Starterpack
Romelu Lukaku (Belgique/Belgie)  -  XXL   -   Belgium Starterpack
Neymar Jr. (Brasil)  -  XXL   -   Hungary Kepes Sport magazine
Marco Reus (Deutschland)  -  XXL   -   not yet found - rumour
Andrés Iniesta (España)  -  XXL   -   not yet found
Franck Ribéry (France)  -  XXL  -   Nordic Edition Starterpack
Andrea Pirlo (Italia)  -  XXL  -   Finland Starterpack ?
Wesley Sneijder (Nederland)  -  XXL  -   Finland Starterpack ?
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)  -  XXL   -   Poland Starterpack
Edinson Cavani (Uruguay)  -  XXL  -   Sweden Nordic Edition Starterpack
Luis Suarez (Uruguay)  -  XXL  -   Sweden Nordic Edition Starterpack
World Cup Trophy  -  XXL   -   Hungary, Poland Starterpack


  1. First Képes Sport magazin which contains WCup pack doesn't contain any limited edition card.

    1. Hi Róbert

      Apparently it's in a couple of weeks. There's a checklist poster this week and the XXL is the week after next....


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