Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Fun Products - Looney Tunes stickers

Looney Tunes stickers
Fun Products
Unknown number

I've just been reminded of these stickers, they have never seemed to be of interest to collectors in the same way B.A.B. stickers are. These days I think they are very collectible. I would be glad to hear from anyone who has examples of these types of stickers.

Stoke City
Up the Potters - Daffy Duck
Stoke - Bugs Bunny
Join the Victoria Ground Roar - Sylvester
Potters Rule OK, Stoke City Forever, Potters - Roadrunner


  1. I have some Wrexham versions of these stickers (approx 8? different). I I remember sticking them on old college folder circa 1978-79. I still have the folder somewhere, so if I ever dig it out, I will send you a scan of these.

    1. That would be great, I'll show any that I can get.

  2. I've got the full set of NUFC ones in their display p.o.s holder - any idea if they're worth anything?

    1. I should think they'd be of interest to a Newcastle United collector.

      Any chance of a big photo so that I can show them on here?



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