Thursday, 9 January 2014

Fax Pax - World of Sport

World of Sport
Fax Pax
40 (4 footballers)

Five years after issuing two football packs, Fax-Pax issued a forty card set of various sports, four of which featured footballers.

1.  Roger Clemens (Baseball)
2.  Ken Griffey, Jr. (Baseball)
3.  John Olerud (Baseball)
4.  Nolan Ryan (Baseball)
5.  Charles Barkley (Basketball)
6.  Patrick Ewing (Basketball)
7.  Michael Jordan (Basketball)
8.  Shaquille O'Neal (Basketball)
9.  Riddick Bowe (Boxing)
10.  Julio Cesar Chavez (Boxing)
11.  Lennox Lewis (Boxing)
12.  Allan Border (Cricket)
13.  Ian Botham (Cricket)
14.  Viv Richards (Cricket)
15.  Dan Marino (American Football)
16.  Joe Montana (American Football)
17.  Emmitt Smith (American Football)
18.  Paul Gascoigne
19.  John Harkes
20.  Gary Lineker
21.  Diego Maradona
22.  Seve Ballesteros (Golf)
23.  John Daly (Golf)
24.  Jack Nicklaus (Golf)
25.  Wayne Gretzky (Ice Hockey)
26.  Brett Hull (Ice Hockey)
27.  Eric Lindros (Ice Hockey)
28.  Linford Christie (Athletics)
29.  Oscar de la Hoya (Athletics)
30.  Sally Gunnell (Athletics)
31.  Jackie Joyner-Kersee (Athletics)
32.  Toni Kukoc (Basketball)
33.  Carl Lewis (Athletics)
34.  Katarina witt (Figure Skating)
35.  Nigel Mansell (Motor Racing)
36.  Richard Pery (NASCAR)
37.  Will Carling (Rugby Union)
38.  Boris Becker (Tennis)
39.  Steffi Graf (Tennis)
40.  John McEnroe (Tennis)

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