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Football Favourites - Football Favourites Art Plates

Football Favourites Art Plates
Football Favourites
18/19 players

Each of the issues of Football Favourites came with two art plates attached to the centre of the magazine.

Football Favourites, Vol. 2 No. 1

F. Westlake (Halifax Town)   29mm x 34mm

A. Burgess (Chester)   29mm x 34mm
T. Godwin (Leicester City)   29mm x 34mm
J. Grainger (Rotherham United)   29mm x 34mm
F. White (Lincoln City)   29mm x 34mm
J. Bowie (Chelsea)   90mm x 135mm
W.J. Slater (Blackpool)   90mm x 135mm
W. Layton (Colchester United)   29mm x 34mm
H. Kinsell (Reading)   29mm x 34mm
R. Horne (Brentford)   29mm x 34mm
S. Hayhurst (Barrow)   29mm x 34mm
J. Meadows (Southport)   29mm x 34mm
T. Reynolds (Sunderland)   50mm x 120mm
B. Williams (Wolverhampton Wanderers)   52mm x 135mm
C. Lello (Everton)   52mm x 120mm
R. Lewis (Arsenal)   40mm x 50mm
L. Hamlett (Port Vale)   40mm x 50mm

W. Eckersley (Blackburn Rovers)   40mm x 50mm

Football Favourites, Vol. 2 No. 2, February 1951

G. Twentymann (Carlisle United)   29mm x 34mm

N. Dodgin (Reading)   29mm x 34mm
A. Jefferson (Aldershot)   29mm x 34mm
R. Brown (Darlington)   29mm x 34mm
G. Pembrey (Torquay United)   29mm x 34mm
E. Bailey (Tottenham Hotspur)   77mm x 130mm
W. Moir (Bolton Wanderers)   78mm x 130mm
D. Cheney (Bournemouth & Boscome Athletic)   29mm x 34mm
F. Astbury (Chester)   29mm x 34mm
R. Haddington (Manchester City)   29mm x 34mm
C. Brown (Rochdale)   29mm x 34mm
J. Chisholm (Plymouth Argyle)   29mm x 34mm
T. Finney (Preston North End)
W. Wright (Wolverhampton Wanderers)   52mm x 135mm
J. Milburn (Newcastle United)   52mm x 135mm
R. Ingram (Gateshead)   37mm x 50mm
C. Willard (Brighton & Hove Albion)   37mm x 50mm
A. Wright (Sunderland)   37mm x 50mm
P. Ellson (Crewe Alexandra)   37mm x 50mm

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