Thursday 9 January 2014

Boys' Magazine - (BOY-470/BPM-5) Football Series / Football Teams 1922-23

(BOY-470/BPM-5) Football Series / Football Teams 1922-23
Boys' Magazine
10 cards

These are proper cards, rather than the large sheets that I've featured previously.
UPDATE (04-09-2020 11:56):  An e-mail from Nigel at has prompted me to make some amendments and one addition to this checklist. All the cards except the Bolton Wanderers card is titled 'Football Series' but that one states 'Football Teams'. The back of the Bolton Wanderers card also advises that the next card in the series would feature West Ham United. That card was never issued, Edinburgh Hibernian is the fourth card in the series. Nigel has provided scans of the front and back of card number 3.

1.  Blackburn Rovers   -   issue no. 35,  dated 21 October, 1922
Heaton, Sewell, Mr. J. Carr (Manager), Wylie, Dr. Sellars, McKinnell, Healless, McKay, Dawson, McIntyre, Reilly, Bond, Rollo, Hodkinson.
2.  Plymouth Argyle   -   issue no. 36,  dated 28 October, 1922
Devine, Cosgrove, Muir, Cook, Corcoran, Frost, Little, Miller, Haynes, Leathlean, Hill, Logan, Robert Jack, Jobson, Eastwood, Atterbury, Rhodes, Dickinson, Bowler, Batten, Kirk, Russell, Forbes, Raymond, Baker, Rowe, Kirkpatrick, Fowler, Walker, Gallogley, Richardson, Jack, Leslie, Wilson.
3.  Bolton Wanderers   -   issue no. 37,  dated 4 November, 1922
Keetley, Chambers, Pym, Hinton, Bourne, Johnson, Finney, Howarth, Haworth, Thukell, Nuttall, Longworth, C. Smith, Rowley, Seddon, Jennings, Buchan, Crewe, Wright, Simpson, Puller, Lowe, E. Roberts, Jack, F. Roberts, J. Smith, Vizard, Jones, Newnes, Young.
4.  West Ham United   -   not issued - listed as Next Week's Team on Bolton Wanderers card
4.  Edinburgh Hibernian   -   issue no. 38,  dated 11 November, 1922
Allan, Shaw, Harper, Strang, Miller, Dorman, Ritchie, Paterson, Bryce, Templeton, Young, Duncan, McGinnigle, T. Cannon (Asst. Trainer), Buchanan, Halligan, Kerr (Capt.), Dunn, Walker, D. Christopher (Trainer).
5.  Sunderland   -   issue no. 39,  dated 18 November, 1922
Poole, Oakley, Parker, Robson, England, Whipp, Donaldson, Buchan, Mitton, Paterson, Ellis.
6.  Fulham   -   issue no. 40,  dated 25 November, 1922
Fleming, Bagge, Reynolds, Chaplin, Martin, McDonald, Shea, Torrance, Darvill, Penn, Osborne.
7.  Birmingham City   -   issue no. 41,  dated 2 December, 1922
Dale, Barton, Linley, Tremelling, Crosbie, Dawes, Foxall, Liddell, Barrett, Sharp, McClure, Womack, Jones, Bradford.
8.  Sheffield United   -   issue no. 42,  dated 9 December, 1922
Gillespie, Blackwell, Brelsford, Menlove, Hoyland, H., Gough, Milton, Brown, Halliwell, Sampy, W., Mace, Cook, Muse, Sturgess, Hoyland, Waugh, Sampy, T., Lowe, Oldacre, Boyle, Johnson, Bromage, Tunstall, Mercer, Richardson, Hughes, Plant.
9.  England   -   issue no. 43,  dated 16 December, 1922
Osborne (Fulham), Moss (Aston Villa), E. Taylor (Huddersfield), A. Grimsdell (Spurs), Harrow (Chelsea), Mercer (Sheffield United), J. Smith (West Bromwich), J. Seed (Spurs), G. Wilson (The Wednesday), H. Chambers (Liverpool), O. Williams (Clapton Orient).
10.  Arsenal   -   issue no. 44,  dated 23 December, 1922
C.R. Voysey, J. Rutherford, S. Dunn, R. Boreham, A. Graham, A. Baker, H.A. White, A. Young, F. Bradshaw, R. Turnbull, Dr. J.A. Patterson.

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  1. Thanks for the 'heads-up' on this series, Alan; I wasn't even aware of its existence! I've just managed to buy your featured card 9, the English International Team, as Town custodian Edward (Ted) Taylor is in the back row.


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