Sunday, 5 January 2014

Boys' Magazine - BOY-490 Football Teams 1926-27

BOY-490 Football Teams 1926-27
Boys' Magazine

I've pinched the illustration from Roger Pashby's Huddersfield Town Cards & Stickers 1908-2014 website.

Sunderland F.C. 1926-27   -   issue no.264,  dated 26 March, 1927
Lloyd, Heyes, Gibbon, Lilley, Gurney, McGorian, Oakley, Isherwood, Cresswell, Dow, Hawes, Bell, Ramsay, Parker, McInroy, Henderson, Stoneham, Crawford, Threlfall, England, Halliday, Marshall, Coxford, Clunas, Ellis, Andrews , Bartley.
Tottenham Hotspur F.C.  1926-27   -   issue no.265,  dated 2 April, 1927
W. Minter (Manager), B. Smith, Blair, J. Smith, Forster, Poynton, Thompson, Lindsay, Osbourne, Elkes, Seed, Dimmock.
Bolton Wanderers F.C. 1926-27   -   issue no.266,  dated 9 April, 1927
Cope, Greenhalgh, Pym, Seddon, Nuttall, Finney, Butler, Jack, Smith, Baggett, Vizard, Joe Smith.
Bristol City F.C. 1926-27   -   issue no.267,  dated 16 April, 1927
Norman, J. Nichol (Trainer), J. Walsh, Mr. Jenkins (Chairman), Coggins, Hughes, Drummond, Sanders, Gillespy, Martin, Wadsworth, T. Walsh, Keating, Rankin.
Huddersfield Town F.C. 1926-27   -   issue no.268,  dated 23 April, 1927
Wilson, Langham, Steele, Goodall, Mercer, Turner, Taylor, Moralee, Cameron, Carr, Wadsworth, J.F. Chaplin (Manager), Brown, cook, Raw, Barkas, Stephenson, N. Smith, Dent Gray, Watson, Jackson, Slicer, Shaw, Devlin, Spence, W.H. Smith, A.W. Smith, Cawthorne (Inset).


  1. I think that the plates in this particular series (1926-27) are very rare. I hadn't seen any in catalogues and didn't even know of their existence until I picked up the one above on eBay.

    1. Yes, they do seem to be very rare, and I don't know why...


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