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British Chewing Sweets (Oh Boy Gum) - BRI-450/BRI-1 Photos of Footballers of the Principal Teams

BRI-450 / BRI-1 Photos of Footballers of the Principal Teams
British Chewing Sweets (Oh Boy Gum)

Four players from each of 15 clubs, al based in the Midlands. Unnumbered cards, measuring 75mm x 51mm.

A. Astley (Aston Villa)
D. Blair (Aston Villa)
H. Morton (Aston Villa)
A. Talbot (Aston Villa)
E. Barkas (Birmingham)
J. Bradford (Birmingham)
H. Hibbs (Birmingham)
G. Morrall (Birmingham)
Bedford (Chesterfield)
Hamilton (Chesterfield)
Moody (Chesterfield)
Sliman (Chesterfield)   -   amended 09-03-2019
Bisby (Coventry City)
Bourton (Coventry City)
Davison (Coventry City)
Pearson (Coventry City)
J. Barker (Derby County)
T. Cooper (Derby County)
S. Crooks (Derby County)
J. Kirby (Derby County)
Adcock (Leicester City)
Black (Leicester City)
A. McLaren (Leicester City)
Ritchie (Leicester City)
L. Butler (Mansfield Town)
England (Mansfield Town)
Mill (Mansfield Town)
C. Williams (Mansfield Town)
T. Boyle (Northampton Town)
A. Brown (Northampton Town)
T. Crilly (Northampton Town)
J. Dowsey (Northampton Town)
J. Barrington (Nottingham Forest)
A. Dexter (Nottingham Forest)
W. Dickinson (Nottingham Forest)
T. Graham (Nottingham Forest)
F. Grice (Notts County)
L. Hammond (Notts County)
G. Stimpson (Notts County)
G. Taylor (Notts County)
T. Nolan (Port Vale)
G. Poyser (Port Vale)
J. Round (Port Vale)
A. Todd (Port Vale)
W.R. John (Stoke City)   -   amended 09-03-2019
R. McGrory (Stoke City)
J. Palethorpe (Stoke City)
A. Turner (Stoke)
G. Allsop (Walsall)
S. Bird (Walsall)
J. Cunningham (Walsall)
G. Leslie (Walsall)
H. Pearson (West Bromwich Albion)
W. Richardson (West Bromwich Albion)
W.G. Richardson (West Bromwich Albion)
G.E. Shaw (West Bromwich Albion)   -   amended 09-03-2019
Deacon (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Ellis (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Lawton (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Rhodes (Wolverhampton Wanderers)


  1. Stiman of Chesterfield should read Sliman.
    W John of Stoke should read W R John Stoke City
    G Shaw of West Bromwich albion should read G E Shaw


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