Sunday, 29 July 2018

Fun Products - Warner Bros. Football Stickers ~ Manchester United

Warner Bros. Football Stickers ~ Manchester United
Fun Products
12 stickers

I found this image the other day featuring Looney Tunes characters, I only had two of these stickers in my database prior to that.

Yosemite Sam - Man. Utd.
Daffy Duck - Up The Reds
Bugs Bunny - Super Reds
Yosemite Sam - Man. Utd Rule OK
Wile E. Coyote - Super Magnetic Man. Utd
Speedy Gonzalez - Man United
Tweety - Red Rule O.K.
Bugs Bunny - What's Up Boss
Elmer Fudd - Hot Shot Reds
Road Runner - Stretford Enders Rule OK - Man. Utd. For Ever - Reds
Porky Pig - Man. Utd. For Ever
Sylvester - Join The Old Trafford Roar

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