Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Sport magazine - SPO-020/SPN-3 Football Team Presentation Pictures (2)

SPO-020 / SPN-3 Football Team Presentation Pictures
Sport magazine
35 known

Chris Lee has provided a scan of one of the cards that say 'Best Wished from Sport'. The card appears on Chris' superb Reading F.C. card site The Biscuitmen Reading Football Cards
UPDATE (18-02-2017 08:54):  Paul Chauveau has been in touch to say that this card is hand-coloured. I am colour-blind and the photo looks black and white to me but Paul is adamant that the photo is hand-coloured - the goalkeepers jersey and the grass have a green tint and the hoops on the players' jerseys have a blue one.
The card seems to come from the later black and white series as Reading do not feature in any of the 1949-50 Team Picture Books. This could be the first known hand-coloured card from the second series.

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